All You Need To Know: Hair Growth 101

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If you’ve been searching for a once-and-for-all hair loss treatment, then you need products that have been designed according to proven science!

Over the years, knowledge about baldness has increased a great deal. And today we have so many different ways we can combat hair loss and trigger authentic hair growth—naturally!

We also have tons of tips that can help you lead a lifestyle dedicated to fighting baldness and replenishing that youthful look you thought you’d never get back.

First we’ll look at some products you can use to stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness. Then we’ll show you what foods you can start implementing in your diet to stop your scalp from drying and your hair from falling out.  

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Tip #1: Know Your Enemy

The reason you’re going bald is because of a little hormone known as DHT. It’s produced in your body when you get to a certain age from testosterone.

When your body converts testosterone into DHT, it means you’re not getting enough of the right nutrients to prevent it.

Too much DHT in the body leads to a build up in the follicles of your scalp. The more it builds up the more your hair will fall out. And because of the DHT your hair won’t be able to grow anymore.

The older you get the more this happens. But now there’s a way to stop it. And better yet, there’s a way you can reverse it! Imagine being able to grow your old hair again—naturally.

So how do we cut the effects of DHT and get rid of it?

Tip #2: Watch Your Diet

A lack of nutrients in your body is the main cause of DHT generation and build up. By adding certain natural foods to your diet you can make a significant different to the amount of DHT that gets generated.

There are five main nutrients that regulate your hormones and provide your body with what it needs to break down DHT.

The first nutrient is L-Lysine. It’s a very active hormone regulator that breaks up DHT build up at your hair follicles. L-Lysine also stimulates growth by reactivating those same follicles and triggering hair growth. You can get lots of it from walnuts, pecans and almonds.

The second hero nutrient that cures baldness is Delta-7 stearine. It’s found in dried pumpkin seeds and regular consumption will greatly affect your DHT levels—in a good way. Eat a handful daily to reap the benefits.

Zinc is the next champion against hair loss. It’s an integral nutrient for your body because it repairs damaged cells. But Zinc also inhibits DHT levels and stops the build-up. Eat lots of green leaf veggies like kale, spinach and swiss chard for high amounts of zinc. You can also eat cooked white mushrooms for a healthy dose.

Fourth on the list is Biotin. This is nutrient that’s responsible for producing fatty acids that keep the skin moisturized and supple. Your scalp needs this most of all if you want to stop your hair from falling out. Eat plenty of bananas, peanuts and salmon for biotin.  

Last but not least, number five is lycopene—which you get from carrots, tomatoes and cashew nuts. Eat lots of these foods because lycopene is a natural DHT blocker that also helps break down the build up at your follicles.

Tip #3: Use the Right Shampoo

Scrap your regular shampoo and purchase a DHT blocking shampoo. These products have been filled with nutrients and oils that get absorbed into your scalp. The potency of these ingredients will make fast work of breaking down DHT.

Always check the label. Make sure you’re buying a shampoo that explicitly mentions natural DHT blocking ingredients. Also opt for a product that isn’t combined with any chemicals. Go all natural and the results will speak for themselves.

Tip #4: Take Supplements

Supplements also work to pump your body full of DHT blocking ingredients. You can either go out and buy supplements like the ones mentioned above.

Or you could do the smart thing and buy specialized DHT blocking supplements which are combinations of everything your body needs to fight off baldness.

Tip #5: Be Consistent

Whichever strategies you decide to use, the trick is to keep at it for at least a year. You will most likely see results within a month or two—especially if you’re using DHT blocking shampoos.

But keep going even after you see results. The more you treat your hair and scalp, the stronger it will grow. Triggering growth is only step one. After that you must be consistent if you want to see permanent results.

Tip #6: Tell Others It Worked!

When people start commenting on your hair, you can tell them with certainty that DHT blocking agents are the only way to go.

Help others recognize the validity of this breakthrough. Let them see first hand how amazing your hair looks after removing and inhibiting the DHT in your body.

Share the secret and spread the word!


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Permanent hair loss is a thing of the past. Get your old head of hair back and say goodbye to the stigma of baldness.

Please visit us on for more scientific info and plenty of real life testimonials. We’ll point you in the right direction to gain the victory over hair loss.

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