New Research Suggests Craft Beer Is Healthier Than Red Wine

Good news, hipsters and craft beer lovers, new research reveals that craft beer is better for you than red wine. Red wine has been held up on the health pedestal for a long time, but that time is now over.

New studies suggest that moderate craft beer consumption has more “good things” to offer the body than red wine, according to Associate Professor Mike McCullough at California’s Polytechnic State University. These good things include niacin, also known as vitamin B3, and brewers yeast, which is fantastic for lowering bad cholesterol.

Craft beer, compared to mass produced beer or wine, is healthier because it is less pasteurized. Heart disease and type 2 diabetes risk decrease just about the same, if not more, than with red wine.

Craft beer may also be connected to exercise. A study published in 2001 by the National Institutes of Health showed that people who moderately drank beer were twice as likely to exercise than people who do not drink at all. Moderate drinking counts as one drink per day. This means one 12-ounce beer for women, and two 12-ounces beers a day for men. Overindulging will counteract the health benefits, according to National Post, so that’s something to keep in mind.

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Often times, the health benefits of craft beer get overlooked because people typically think it pairs with an unhealthy lifestyle. However, there has been an explosion in the craft beer scene recently. The industry is worth $500 million a year just in Australia. But Australia is not the only place seeing a huge surge in popularity of craft beer. Imagine what it will look like when this health information floods the streets. It may be time to ditch the wine glass and get yourself a new beer stein.

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