One Man’s Trash Can Be Your Treasure

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Spring is finally here. For those of you who live in the American Southwest, spring is the
season between Winter and Summer. It is beautiful and a much-needed beacon of hope
after a long cold winter. Which means is almost time for yard sales! Finally we can trash the old and bring in the new!

People go crazy cleaning their homes and then sell all their unwanted possessions. If you are
looking for great deals on items you need, you very well might have luck at a yard sale.
If you are planning on selling some of your stuff and think it might be valuable., you
should get it appraised. Things like art, jewelry, coins, and books are just some
examples of things that might hold incredible value. Appraisers can be found by
conducting a quick Google search, though make sure they are good at what they do.
For a great example of an appraiser, check out

Here are five commonly sold items that you can get a great deal on at yard sales.

Trash or Slightly Used Furniture

We all want great furniture styles. None of us really want to pay for great furniture. DI couches
are good enough for me at this point. Most yard sales feature furniture of some kind.
Whether it be tables, couches, or chairs there is almost always a great deal in there
somewhere. As always, be wise when making such a purchase and make sure the
discounted price is due to the owner not wanting an extra couch, or the tear on the arm
of the couch, not anything worse or else its probably trash.

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Trash Toys: Blast from the Past

For those of us who have seen Toy Story 2, this may bring up some old memories. Can
you imagine paying a small amount for a toy and getting an invaluable antique? This
isn’t very likely, though you might find a great toy from your childhood. The reality is that
you are looking for other items and end up buying a toy for your own child. The benefit
of that is that if the toy was built with the intention of making noise, and it is at a yard
sale, it probably doesn’t anymore.


I am in awe of what some people are willing to get rid of. I have found quality clothes
and shoes at yard sales or donation bases stores like DI. If you have a good eye for
fashion and looking for a great deal, yard sales are the place to go. That isn’t to say that
every clothing item will be desirable. For every great deal on a designer shirt you find,
there will more than a few shirts that you understand quite well why they made their way
into the “for sale” pile.

Recycle Trash Tools

Being the responsible current or future homeowner that you are, you should never pass
up a good deal on tools. Even a simple toolbox can save you a lot of money on repairs if
you know how to use it. There are lots of times people are selling duplicate tools. They
just got a new drill, and just want a little cash for the old one. Likely, it works just fine,
and you will get a killer deal on a tool that will make your life a lot easier.

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While you should always ensure that a used item you purchase is in good condition,
that especially goes for electronics. Everything from microwaves to TV’s can be found at
yard sales at times. Just be wary. Make sure that there is no visible damage. Be direct
and ask if there are any flaws or issues. Like I mentioned before, people sometimes just
upgrade to a new TV and want to sell the old one. In that case, you are probably good.

Always use good judgment when attending yard sale. There can be a lot of great deals.
There is more than likely also a lot of junk. It never hurts to subtly ask why something is
on sale if you found a quality item for a low price. Ask questions, look carefully, and go
find the best deal you can!

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