One Man’s Trash Makes Another Man’s Christmas


It is no secret to anyone that we all love to keep little antiques and items around the house. We don’t want to throw things away because we never know when we might need them again. Now, it would make sense to throw old that two-day-old pizza that has been sitting out on the table, yuck! But it is another thing to keep an old quilt that your grandma made for you before she passed away. There are memories found in the many items we have around the house, and we don’t want to get rid of them. This holiday season, wouldn’t it be a kind act to look around the house and find things that you no longer need and then to give them away to someone who needs those things more? Here are a couple ways of how you can serve, while also doing yourself a favor of cleaning out your cluttered house.


walletYou cannot head to the grocery store or supermarket without seeing Santa Claus or the bell-ringers that stand outside those doors. We recognize the ring that the bells make, but we always tend to pass by without really understanding what is happening. Millions of people around the world donate to different organizations to help the poor and needy, and you can too! Do you ever find yourself looking around the house at all the extra change leftover? You can simply clear that out by taking change when you go out to do errands and donate it. It leaves you with a great feeling of knowing you helped in some way. Plus, you don’t have those random pennies and dimes all over the house anymore.

Feeding the Poor

When it comes to food, we tend to purchase a lot of it. You know the line, “probably better to get more, than to get less?” Well, how many times do we scan our pantries and fridges to find all this extra food that we are not sure what to do with? It happens all the time! We end up with extra cans of beans and soup, that of course, we could make with a fine dish, but do we in the end? There are many organizations and groups around the world, in your community, that need those extras cans of beans. Instead of throwing them out, give them away and donate to local food banks and pantries.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle! It is a common phrase we always hear. Whether it is during a safety meeting at work or a quick discussion at school. Recycling is a way to bring about a safer environment and it is quite easy. We have our recycling bins for paper, plastics, and more. But what about those pesky old batteries, devices that get broken, or other electronics that never get used? You can recycle those as well! There are different stores and businesses that will buy your old gadgets. In most garages, there is always an extra battery or tool that can be recycled. And the best part, for example, is that you can recycle car batteries for cash!


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Merry Christmas to you. Providing service, like recycling old goods, for the community around you has a nice ring to it. Plus, you can go the extra mile with your reward by donating it to certain groups and organizations that need the money.

You will never get a feeling quite like you would when you reach out your hand. Participate in changing the world by helping others have a safe and memorable Christmas this year.

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