Outdoor Living Trends To Look Forward To In 2018

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Never underestimate the power that a well decorated space has on your mentality. If you work from home, or if you have guests over often, you’ll need an open space with good lighting in order to make it a welcoming environment. The same mentality can be applied to your outdoor space too. Here are just six of the hot outdoor styling tips for 2018.

Update you driveway with paving

One way you can dramatically update your outdoor living space to revamp your drive. For an elegant look, add smooth, clean paving stones in understated or dramatic colors. Choose one color across the drive for a traditional look or pave patterns into the walkway for an artistic finish.

Bring the inside, outdoors

Your garden should be an extension of your home, so bring the inside, outdoors. You don’t need to lug everything outside but, adding home furnishings outdoors will extend the warmth of your living space. Continue the indoor color palette and add a patterned rug to your patio. Hang solar lamps, bring cushioned seats outside and activities like board games and books, too.

Water features are making a come back

Your garden can be a place to add a touch of luxury no matter what the size of space you have to work with. For a timeless classic, add a water feature that could be made from metal, ceramic or granite. It’s an elegant way to dramatize a garden filled with plant life. The trickling sounds of a water fountain will inspire the senses as well as create a relaxing ambiance.  

Have a large selection of plants

Go big this year with scaling plants and trees that sprawl across the horizon. Enjoy bright colors against evergreens by planting Japanese Maples, Bougainvillea, Judas Trees, Atropurpureum and Weeping Cherry Trees. You’ll have to remember to avoid planting trees with an aggressive root system, unless you plan to dig up your terrace in years to come.

Consider a hammock

There’s nothing better than taking a nap in the comfort of your own yard, so why not hang a hammock? Ideally you’ll want to stretch between two trees, but in the event of no bark, you can purchase free standing hammocks that have the same effect.

Create zones

If you have a big enough space, add depth to your garden by creating certain zones. A barbecue and seating area can be great if you place it in the sunshine. For shady patches, create a relaxed space for reading with wind chimes and a water feature. If you have children, section off a large patch for playing garden games. You’ll also need a patio with big cushions and a large table for entertaining guests. If you create zones, you’ll find you’ll end up using your garden more often: it can turn a regular space into a paradise no matter what the time of year.

So, which of these ideas for 2018 will you be trying first? Let us know!

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