Places in Your Home to Decorate for Halloween


Halloweenwhen sugar highs are common and dressing up is expected. You might be wondering which areas of your home you can decorate for Halloween to make it worthy of being a haunted mansion. Here are five, prime real estate areas in your home that are great for a Halloween experience.

Living room

The living room can be a great place to decorate, whether you are watching a scary movie on Halloween night or you just want to get your family into the Halloween spirit without leaving home. Wooden crafts can be a fun way to get your living room ready for a festive occasion.  Wooden letter crafts for Halloween can be found at almost any craft store and can be made at home as well. After Halloween, you will have a nice decoration that will last for many years and can be kept as a keepsake to remember your favorite Halloweens. 


Your deck is where all the trick-or-treaters will be waiting for candy, so make sure to give them a spooky scene. Thin spidery drapes can be added to give a little bit of mystery and keep the kids on edge. Adding skulls or fake body parts from the ceiling can add a little more and take up unused space. Of course, don’t forget your pumpkins! Having carved, lit-up pumpkins to guide the way can be a fun treat for your average candy-seeking, costume-clad group. If you don’t feel like carving a pumpkin, you can paint one and still earn some fun memories with your kids.


Your lawn can be one of the most persuasive tools you have in making a scary Halloween. Fake tombstones can be added or made with Styrofoam and ghosts can be as simple as putting blankets over shovels sticking out of the ground. Your lawn will provide lots of room to be decorated creatively and it’s an important area as trick-or-treaters will spend most of the night walking through the lawn up to the front door. It’s also important that your lawn is safe for trick-or-treaters and that they can safely navigate without tripping. Use battery-powered candles in your jack-o-lanterns to reduce any fire hazards. 


Your windows can be a perfect place to get the mood right for Halloween. Adding creepy spiders and cobwebs or putting up a poster to look like eyes can be a great touch. It will have everybody thinking about Halloween when they enter your house. For added fun, don’t stop at just your porch windows. Add paper monsters or creepy silhouettes on other windows around the house.

Stairs and Hallways

Your stairs and hallways are also perfect canvases for the Halloween spirit. Add paper or felt bats to the banister of the stairs or simply taped to the wall. Hanging spiders from the ceiling can be a nice touch for the more public areas of your home.


Nowhere should be truly safe from the Halloween spirit in your home, including in the bathroom. Your bathroom can be a spooky spot for any guest. Just add fake blood to a bathmat or on the bathroom mirror. For a more cutesy experience, soap shaped like bones or plastic spiders scattered throughout the room can be a nice touch as well.

There are many areas that you can decorate to make your home a little creepier this Halloween. You don’t have to decorate all areas, and there are probably quite a few that are not on this list. Remember that whatever decorations you choose, try and make them safe by avoiding tripping or fire hazards and have fun!

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