Prepping The Home For A Cancer Patient’s Recovery

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Your spouse, friend, relative, or other family member just received word of their cancer diagnosis after visiting the doctor. It may be a tough time for all, and it’s hard to fathom the fact that someone close to you has just been diagnosed. It often seems as though the healthiest, most active individuals are the people that are diagnosed with cancer the most often.

Regardless, it’s important to begin planning the different methods of treatment for your relative, spouse, or close friend. It’s a lot of information to comprehend at first, so being a part of their support system during this difficult time can make a large impact on their well being. As someone close, you should strive to make their treatment and recovery process as seamless as possible.

One of the most uncommon ways that can assist a cancer patient aid in a speedy recovery is by prepping the home for their arrival or stay. There are adjustments that should be made when considering where the patient will stay, and what can be done to make their stay much more comfortable.


Accessible Outdoors


One of the first steps is to ensure the exterior of your home allows for their stay. Depending on their involvement and how many treatments they have gone through can help to determine the amount of preparation that must be done to the exterior of your home.

For those who have been through multiple rounds of chemotherapy, the body may have become weakened. Many doctors will suggest these patients are transported by a wheelchair or scooter, to allow their body to save energy outside of walking to their next destinations. If this is the case, a ramp or access area should be available into the home, to allow for this type of transport. Multiple steps and stairs can make it difficult for the patient to access the home. By providing a ramp, it will be much easier for the patient to enter the home, as well as the individual pushing the wheelchair.

Another idea would be to provide handrails to protect the patient from errors when traveling up or down the ramps. Guardrails can help to keep the patient on the ramp, and can help those in walkers to have a support when entering and exiting the home as well.


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Large, Airy Rooms Are A Must


For the patient, entering another room that may seem crowded and condensed can seem uncomfortable and unpleasant. For most, sitting in a room with multiple other patients receiving treatment can seem claustrophobic enough.

For those willing to help, plan for the patient to stay in a large, airy room. The room should have windows to allow natural light into the room, and the ability to open the windows to get fresh air. Additionally, the room should have light paint or wall coverings, and should not feel dark or confined. This will allow the patient to have a much more positive attitude. The room should be larger, and free of clutter. Clutter can make the patient become frustrated, and adds more stress to the situation.


Close to Bathrooms and Medicine


Another important aspect to consider is the nearness of the room to bathroom facilities and areas where medicine can be received. You wouldn’t want to position your loved one dealing with cancer far away from a bathroom or area where they could receive medicine. It’s important that the large, airy room is located close to bathrooms where they can wash and bathe on a daily basis. Furthermore, it would be wise if they could be positioned near a kitchen or area where they can take medicine without any troubles getting there. Consider placing them on the first, or main floor of your home near these facilities, so they don’t have to walk up and down flights of stairs to use the bathroom or take medicine.


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Prepping For Support


Another great way to prep your home is to free it of all negative energy. For those dealing with cancer, being surrounded by positive energy and vibes can aid, and even speed up the recovery process. Be sure you are staying positive, and optimistic at all times. If you need to, take turns with friends and relatives when caring for your friend or loved one. Routinely taking breaks and allowing the cancer patient to be exposed to different people can help them feel more socialized, and it also shows them they have a strong, caring support system.

What are some other ways in which you can make small changes or alterations to your home, to prepare for a cancer patients stay?

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