Quick Tips to Look After Your Health While Using a Computer


Whether we’re at work typing up some documents or at home playing video games, we spend a lot of time at the computer due to how useful and multipurpose they are. But working at a computer for a long period of time can have adverse effects. We might suffer injuries to our body such as pains and aches, and our eyes can feel strained if we stare at a monitor for a long period of time.

Many of these computer-related injuries can be kept to a minimum as long as you understand the risks and methods to reduce the chances. With the help of nice furniture, better posture and even some software, we can reduce the risks and preserve our bodies. Here are some tips to help you maintain your health while using a computer.


Your posture is very important when using the computer. Back and neck pains, sore shoulders and even headaches can all be caused by using a computer for extended periods of time. They might start as minor symptoms, but they can quickly develop into long-lasting problems. However, much of these pains can be mitigated if you maintain a good posture. Adjust your seat so that your arms are at a comfortable height to your desk. You shouldn’t feel like your arms need to be pointed up or down just to reach your keyboard. Your monitor needs to be at eye level, and your keyboard should be far enough across the table so that your elbows rest comfortably.

If needed, consider getting a new chair that helps to support your back.A mesh back will prevent your body from getting sweat, and a mechanical keyboard could provide extra comfort when typing because the keys are much easier to press. If you find that your hands hurt after typing for a long period of time, consider getting some copper compression gloves to ease the pain, and make sure your hands aren’t positioned awkwardly.


Focusing for long periods of time at something close to you can cause trouble for your eyes. The light from a computer screen can often make your eyes feel sore and sensitive if you are on the computer for long stretches. If your’e fatigued when using a computer, then you should give yourself some breaks.

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Take some time to stretch your legs and get yourself a drink between typing sessions and give your eyes a rest. People that regularly use computers often suffer from blurred vision and the inability to focus on objects due to their fatigue. If you feel like this is affecting you, then you can reduce the brightness of your screen so that it doesn’t blaze into your eyes. You should also focus on some far away objects now and then to give your eyes time to readjust.

You can also use a computer program such as flux to dim your screen when it gets darker. It will add a slight yellow tint to your monitor that reduces the strain on your eyes. Your eyes will automatically focus after a while and you won’t noticed the yellow tint, though it might take some time to get used to.

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