Reasons You Need to Consider Solar Panels

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Truth is if you have ever asked yourself “Why the sudden rush for solar energy, and why should I install solar panels on my home?”, you’re not alone.

The search for a renewable and sustainable source of energy has increased in recent times. In turn, the solar industries have experienced significant growth since it was first introduced. It should be noted that solar panel installations have increased over 60% from 2015, while the cost of purchasing solar panels has dropped in recent times.

Solar energy in the world has begun to get popular and has become affordable for homeowners, and even easier to generate for the industries in charge of producing them.

Because of our ever carbon emission and pollution, the need to install solar panels in our home and offices cannot be overemphasized. If you ever need convincing, below are the reasons why you should consider solar panels. Meantime, if you’ve made up your mind to install solar panels, click on solar providers near me.

Lower Energy Bills

There’s that overwhelming feeling of dread whenever you want to open the mail containing your energy bill for the month. Questions like “how much will the bill cost this time?” or “have I saved enough for this?” will be a thing of the past if you opt for the installation of solar panels.

When you make the decision to install solar panels on your roof, the tension of energy bills is reduced drastically. The solar provider can work with your specific need to ensure that your solar energy consumption is within your monthly budget.

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Solar energy is designed to maximize savings for the end user, creating independence from expensive electricity providers. The cost of power has never stopped increasing. In the last 2 years, electricity prices in the US have increased by 3.2% and there’s no telling how much it will increase.  

But unlike these power providers, the sun never increases its rates.

Low maintenance

If you use generators to power up your property, there’s an inevitability that they will break down at some point. The cost of maintaining generators are always on the high side, and the cost of purchasing a new generation is pretty expensive.

This is the reason to opt for solar panels. Solar panels generally require little maintenance. This is because these panels are installed in such a way that when it rains, it falls smoothly on it, washing specks of dirt away as it falls to the ground.

Most companies offer 25years warranty on their solar panels. This goes to say that with fewer maintenance checks on your panels, you’re good to go. However, you have to consult with your solar provider to not install them close to any obstruction.

Reduced Pollution.

With the ever-increased rate of carbon footprint in the atmosphere which destroys the earth’s ozone layer, some people were of the opinion that pollution cannot be stopped. But with the advent of solar energy and solar panels, the mindset has been changed significantly.

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Installing solar panels in your home or office is one of the sustainable means of protecting the environment from adverse pollution. It is a clean, green source of energy.

Solar panels are self-sufficient and do not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. There is absolutely nothing that suggests it pollutes mother nature. The panels do not need any other resources—apart from a source of clean water—to function.

Increases the value of your home

If you’re a homeowner or realtor and planning to sell your home, experts from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says solar panels increase the value of a home. They have also moved on to disclose that solar home sells 20% faster than equivalent non-solar homes.

The Department of Energy also postulates that prospective home buyers are willing to pay up to $15,000 premium for a home with solar panels installed.

This is mostly because the new occupants will experience freedom from high-end electrical bills and will also enjoy the tariff regimes.

Therefore, it is a profitable business to purchase and install solar panels on a home you’re planning to sell later. With the rate at which normal electricity bills are increasing, buyers will favour a solar home over a non-solar home.

It can be used on underutilized land.

Between cities and across different countries, there are vast acres of land that remain unutilized.

With solar energy, we can actually take advantage of these unused lands to install solar panels and convert these lands to solar farms.

Solar energy provides power for everyone and with solar farms, energy can be produced in large numbers. Recently, a solar farm has been built on a 45-acre land, and it is targeted to power 2,500 homes.

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It is not as expensive as you think

One of the reasons why you should opt for solar panels is because the government encourages the very notion of it.

The federal government offers over 15% solar tax credit for both residential and commercial properties. Many state governments across the country also offer additional tax credits as well. These figures may not seem much but come tax season, you will be enjoying from the energy savings through solar panel installation.

It is efficient

This is perhaps the best reason to opt for solar panels. Your common source of energy must be transported to your home from power plants located hundreds of miles away. This distance consequently results in energy loss.

It is not the case with solar energy. Solar power is draws energy from the sun. With the panels installed on your rooftop, energy loss is minimized and efficiency is maximized.

With solar energy, the power is domestic and you’re in full control of your energy usage. Solar panels are durable, hence power interruption is significantly reduced.  

There are many benefits to having solar panels in your home—if you haven’t done so. It is important to start taking advantage of the savings. Cost benefits contribute your pocket and help the environment with your decision.

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