Repurposing Household Items For DIY Projects


Recycling is always a good thing. Repurposing household items is a great way to recycle items around your house and create a DIY checklist. And as we’re diving into spring and going through that spring cleaning checklist, you might find that you have something things lying around that you really just can’t keep to take up room in your storage anymore. But wait – don’t throw it out!

Try repurposing some of the old things that serve no purpose for you anymore. Check out this list of things you might find taking up space in your garage this spring and how you can repurpose them.


Have you have purchased a large shipment of supplies for building an addition to your home? Or maybe your spouse brought home some used pallets from work for a craft project that never got done? Well, now is the time to do something with them!

Challenger Pallet, a manufacturer for wood pallets Colorado businesses love, helped us come up with this fun list of repurposed pallet projects:

  • Shoe organizer
  • Wine bar
  • Bookshelf
  • Toy bin
  • Pallet pathway
  • Coffee table
  • Outdoor seating

Cement Blocks

Cement blocks can be nice to have on hand for when you need to build impromptu garage sale tables, but you only need so many just lying around waiting to be used. So if you have a few extra that you are planning on getting rid of, think again.

Here are a few fun projects you can make with your extra cement blocks:

  • Bookshelf (place boards in between)
  • Outdoor vertical planters
  • Garden furniture
  • Fire pit
  • Night stand
  • Bed risers
  • Raised garden bed

Old Stools or Chairs

Before you throw out old wooden seating, think of some ways that it could be repurposed to improve, or add character to, your home.

Maybe try some of these ideas:

  • Use as a shelf/table for a plant.
  • Repaint/reuse as new seating.
  • Add upholstery.
  • Turn into a bench.
  • Cut the legs down and turn it into children’s furniture.


Do you have some old tires that aren’t functional for a vehicle? I know, I know, you want to see them out of your garage. But try doing something fun with them instead of adding to the everbuilding trash pool that already exists on this earth.

Here are some things you could turn your old tires into:

  • Sandbox
  • Ottoman
  • Reading nook seating
  • Fun shelf for toys or books
  • Tire swing
  • Planter
  • Table
  • Mini seesaws


Old books (especially hardcover ones) provide a great opportunity to start some repurposing projects. So, if you have some old books that you are just itching to get rid of, try turning them into something you can enjoy or find use for instead. (Or donate them!)

Here are a few fun ideas:

  • Art projects (There are so many artsy things you can do with old books. Just go on Pinterest and see!)
  • Make a storage box from book spines.
  • Make a lamp.
  • Build a pencil holder.
  • Make a shadowbox.
  • Design picture frames.
  • Construct a birdhouse.

As you can see, there are so many ways to repurpose old items that we don’t want lying around the garage or storage shed anymore. Take some time to get creative, feel more productive, and build yourself something that you can use again.

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