The Secrets Of Keeping Your Youth

As we get older, there’s one fear that trumps everything else. That we will start to lose our hair. Our eyes will seem, suddenly less bright. Our smile needs to be hidden for fear of showing yellow teeth. Our skin is creased with deep crevices that no amount of makeup can cover. Yes, the biggest fear of all is losing our looks as time ticks on. It happens to the best of us and the worst of us. But is there a way to prevent it? We think so. There are simple ways that you can keep your looks, even as you grow older. We’re not talking about plastic surgery or extensive beauty treatments either. More than anything else, these are lifestyle changes that you won’t need to think about all that much. Are you ready to find the secret to keeping your youth?


Watch Your Diet

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It all starts with the food that you eat and the liquids that you drink. If you want to stay younger for longer, you’ve got to be careful of what you’re putting into your body. In particular, we suggest that you stay away from anything that is deemed too unhealthy. For instance, your body might bounce back from a Big Mac when you’re younger. But as you grow, you’ll find it has a heavier toll. We’re not just talking about what it’s going to do to your waistline. That type of food is filled with junk that can cause havoc in and on your body.


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Instead, you should be looking at getting all the vitamins that you need. For instance, make sure that you’re drinking a glass of orange juice each morning. This is high in Vitamin C. That vitamin natural decreases the blemishes and discoloration that occur as you get older. If you like you may want to research the best vitamin C serum. That way you can make sure you’re getting everything that you need in your diet.


If you struggle to eat the food with the right vitamins, you can take supplements. Natural supplements aren’t harmful to the body at all and are good for you. You can pick these up at any convenient store, and it does save you from having to plan out your diet.


Remember, anything that you eat in excess can be bad for you. But everything in small quantities won’t damage your health or your looks. As well as this, it’s worth noting that some things that might seem unhealthy can be good for the way you look. For instance, dark chocolate is a natural way to make your skin look more youthful.


Fitting In Fitness


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You need to make sure that you’re exercising regularly. Forty-five minutes each day should do the trick, and it’s worth thinking about what exercise you’re completing. Exercise will help you keep your body looking young. People associate high fitness levels with youth. But strenuous exercise might not be the best idea. Something like weightlifting could damage the body as you get older. Instead, you should think about going on long walks or even lightly jogging. This is better for your body by far and will put less pressure on your bones and muscles. As far as looking great goes, you’ll still get the benefits of exercise. But you won’t get the cost. However, it’s important that you realize it’s not enough to just exercise occasionally. You have to get into a steady routine. Otherwise, you’re not going to see any of the benefits that we’re talking about here.


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Natural Beauty


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There are a few ways that you can accentuate your natural beauty, even as you get older. To do this, you have to recognize what people believe are the signs of youth. We’ve already talked about one, and that’s high levels of fitness. Another that should certainly be considered is white teeth. White teeth and a great smile are two features people expect to see in the young. If you want to trick them into thinking you’re ten years younger, you better watch your teeth. Again, part of this comes down to your diet. If you’re drinking caffeine, you are going to damage your teeth. Similarly, you need to watch how much sugary foods you consume. But at the same time, you can just whiten your teeth using a simple technique. Try mixing lemon juice and baking soda together. Lather it on your teeth and wash it off after a minute. If you do this every week, you’ll find your teeth are whiter than ever.


Another trait of youth is clear skin. The biggest signs of ages are blotches on the skin or wrinkles. But both can be avoided with the right beauty treatment. To get rid of the wrinkles, try using a face mask once every fortnight. Again, you can create one from natural ingredients that you probably have around your house. Oatmeal face masks are particularly good for the skin. Then use pieces of cucumber to soak up the moisture underneath the eyes. You need to leave these on for a good couple of hours for them to have an effect. As well as that, you can try a natural facial scrub. That’s going to help you get rid of the dirt clogging up your pores without risking damaging your skin. It’s better to make these cleansing products yourself rather than buy them.


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Thicker Hair

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One final trait of youth is thick hair. As you get older, your hair does start to fall out more. It’s true whether you’re a man or a women. Although baldness is usually an issue that men typically encounter, women will see their hair start to thin. But if you look after your hair, you can keep it thicker for longer. That means you shouldn’t be drying it at high heat or straightening it. Let it dry naturally and allow it to have the natural look you were born with. Do this and your cuticles will be healthier. If you already see the effects of age, try using bamboo oil. This has been shown to strengthen hair cuticles. 

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