Selling Up? Eye-Catching Additions That Will Have Buyers Queuing Around the Block


Are you selling your home? Are you keen to see quickly, or are you thinking about doing some work before you start arranging viewings? Sometimes, it pays to spruce your home up and add some eye-catching features. Doing renovation work before you sell can add significant value, and make your home much more sellable. If you have plans to sell, but you have time and money available for a magical mini makeover, consider these options.


Loft conversion

If you have a loft, which could be converted, it almost always pays to get the work done. If you can create an extra room, this will boost your asking price, and make your home a more versatile prospect for buyers. Often, if the structure of the house is sound, loft conversions are relatively simple. There’s also scope to produce a wide range of different rooms. You could create an extra bedroom or make a study or studio. You may wish to make a guest suite or add a games room. Whatever you choose to do, think about your target market. Are you trying to appeal to couples, families, or older buyers? Ring around some building firms and ask for quotes. Draw up some plans, and work out what you’re spending against what you stand to earn.


building a pool


Outdoor pool

An outdoor pool and landscaped gardens are bound to provide the wow factor. You want buyers to step outside and decide that they need to buy your house immediately. A pool gives a home a luxurious edge, and it’s a great addition to any large backyard. Landscaped gardens with entertaining zones and floral displays are also guaranteed to catch the eye. If you don’t already have a pool, do some research, and work out your sums. Think about how much the build will cost and how much value it will add. If all the houses around have a pool, adding one to your home will make you more competitive in the market. If you’re eager to go for something spectacular, contact a luxury pool building company for ideas and prices.


paving a drivingway for buyers


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It may seem a little mundane, but adding paving to your driveway can make all the difference in an urban area. If your home offers parking facilities in an area where spaces are limited, the value of your home will rocket. Even if you have a small space in front of the house, turning turf into concrete could secure you a sale. Many people like to have off-road parking, and this can set you apart from other properties in the area.


A family kitchen

If you’re targeting the family market, a spacious, versatile kitchen is a must. Nowadays, we tend to gather in the kitchen, and it serves a multitude of purposes. We cook, chat, catch up, work, and watch TV in the kitchen. If you’re planning a remodel, think about what you would look for if you were buying a house. What kind of layout would you prefer? What style of kitchen would you go for? Are there any features that would seal the deal on the spot? It’s increasingly popular to have separate formal and informal dining areas. If you don’t have a dining room, you can do this by setting up an entertaining area in part of your kitchen. You could have a breakfast bar for quick and easy meals. For main meals and dinner parties, you can use a larger table in a different section of the kitchen. Use color changes, screens, and features like pendant lighting, to create distinctive spaces. If you’re appealing to buyers looking for a luxury pad, pay attention to detail. Go for high-quality fixtures and fittings. Add charging stations and integrated audio and lighting systems to attract gadget fans.


annex addition to home for selling home


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An annex

A growing number of people are caring for relatives as they get older. Creating an annex gives you all kinds of possibilities. Buyers could use it to offer accommodation for their parents, or they could make a den for teenagers or a guest flat. Alternatively, it could be used for business purposes. If you don’t have a separate building, you could bring this idea to life in a vacant garage or an old barn, for example.


External improvements

If you see a house for sale online, you may decide you want to get a closer look. Many buyers will drive past a property to see what it looks like in real life. Images on the Internet can be deceptive, and you always get a better feel for the place when you see it in the flesh. If you’ve got ‘for sale’ signs outside, your house is also in constant view of potential buyers. You never know when somebody may pass and fall in love with your home. For this reason, it’s essential that the exterior of the house looks the part. You may have a stunning living room and a pool to die for. But if your house doesn’t look much from the outside, this can put a lot of people off. Before you put your house on the market, think about doing some work on the exterior. Tidy up the facade or give the front door a coat of paint. Scatter some pot plants around the drive, and mow the lawn. Hang a basket of flowers in the porch, and repair broken garage doors. Make sure fencing is in good condition and make the house look welcoming. Add a personalized name plaque and a doormat. These jobs may only take five minutes, but they’re likely to make selling your home much easier.


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If you’re selling your house, the dream is to have buyers queuing up to have a look around. Often, doing some work before you put the for sale signs up can pay off in the long-run. These eye-catching features are top of many buyers wish lists, and they’re guaranteed to make your home the talk of the town. Do your homework, get some quotes, and research what local buyers are looking for. Good luck!

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