5 Ways To Have More Open Space in Your Living Room!

Space in Your Living Room

As the name suggests, living room is a place where you should spend majority of your stay at home. It is a room where you should feel comfortable and relaxed, and where you should enjoy spending your time in. But is it really possible to enjoy spending your time in a room that feels cramped, small and oppressive? No, not really. If anything, such living room can only make you feel depressed and tired. Let us see then, what we can do to create more opened space in your living room and make your stay there much more pleasant.

Space in Your Living Room

De-Clutter and Clean Your Room
No matter how big your living room may be if it is filled with unnecessary things it will always look small and cramped. To make things even worse, all that stuff will make cleaning much more difficult and, in turn, add to the oppressive feel of the room. So, take out everything you have there, use the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning (do not worry, if this proves to be too much for you, you can always hire cleaning service), and move in only the things you find necessary. If you want to keep the things you have in the room on the bare minimum, you can always go with the Japanese interior décor and give that absence of pieces some stylistic purpose.

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Paint the Room White
Sure, dark tones will make your room feel cozier, but they will also absorb the light instead of reflecting it and make the living room look smaller in the process. If you on the other hand, paint the walls white, the white color combined whit lighter colored flooring will make the room feel more airy and refreshed. What is even more important, your eyes will be able to move around the room without being interrupted by other colors and you will get an illusion of a bigger space.

Embrace the Glass
The only thing that will open your room even more than white color is glass so be sure to introduce it to your living room’s décor. The easiest way to do that is, of course, by hanging mirrors. Whether you are going to hang few smaller ones or one big mirror that will go from floor to ceiling depends on how much space you have on disposal, and what parts of the room you want to constantly see reflected. Once you are done, it should not be a bad idea to replace all the wooden coffee tables and similar pieces with their glass alternatives, too.

Choose the Right Furniture
Unless you have decided to embrace the Japanese minimalistic philosophy we mentioned above, you will have to come to terms with the fact that furniture pieces will occupy very substantial part of your living room. Alleviate this problem by choosing the pieces that will serve more than just one purpose (e.g. ottoman with in-built storage space or book shelving). Also, choosing one huge piece instead of several smaller ones will be more practical and it will make the room look bigger.

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Divide the Room in Few Smaller Areas
Separating any room in few distinct hubs will make it look bigger, regardless of its actual size. You can do that by choosing the different styled furniture, creating few small differently purposed nooks (reading, nook, movies nook, working nook, etc.), matching furniture with various items and accessories by color and height, or simply by using several different area rugs.

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