How to Start (and Keep) a Workout Routine in the New Year

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The new year is upon us, and you know what that means – New Year’s Resolutions! How many of you have working out on your resolution list? You are not alone. Working out more often is the most common resolution every new year. And it’s a great one to have! But it isn’t always easy to go from zero to 60 when starting out a new workout routine – and we wouldn’t advise that either.

Quality Home Fitness, home of treadmills Pocatello residents love, has put together these steps for starting a new workout routine that will stick.

  1. Take it Slow

It’s important to start out slow, especially if you are just beginning to workout for the first time or after a long break. The last thing you need is to hurt yourself when you’re trying to make grand self-improvements! Whether you plan to lift weights, start running, do aerobics, begin yoga, or a little of everything, you need to start out easy.

A good starting point is to go three times a week for 30 minutes (with a day in between for rest). Then after a couple weeks if you’re feeling good, start going 4-5 times a week. Start at a low intensity, and as you feel comfortable with your workouts (and you aren’t super sore the next day) bump up your time and intensity.

  1. Make a Plan

One reason many people fail to stick with this common New Year’s resolution is that they don’t have a solid plan to keep it going. Create a schedule for your workouts. Pick a specific time that will work for you every time you go workout. If you set a vague schedule, like 3 times a week, but don’t set specific times to accomplish those workouts, it is easy to let the whole week pass you by before you realize you didn’t reach your goal. Also, don’t schedule your workouts tentatively or when something else could be going on.  

  1. Tell Others About Your Plan

If we make a goal and keep it to ourselves, it’s easy to talk ourselves out of it and say “I’ll just do it later.” But if you tell other people about it, they can help hold you accountable for your goals. Tell a close friend, sibling, parent, or significant other. On this note, once you tell someone you have this great goal set, you won’t want to let them down – so it’s a good way to help hold yourself accountable too.

  1. Get a Buddy

Find someone else who has this same goal as you – to workout in the new year. It’s much easier to keep goals with another person, or with a group of other people who can help motivate each other. Get a group chat or Facebook group going to keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable. And, it’s more fun to go to the gym or on a run with a buddy. Goals are much easier to keep when there’s a fun factor involved.

  1. Keep Going

It’s now or never. Even on days when you think, “I’ll just go tomorrow,” get up and go. If you wait until tomorrow, you’re taking a huge risk that it will never happen. Just keep swimming, and soon enough, you’ll have a routine that you can’t live without.

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