How To Stay Safe While You Are Outdoors


Getting out into the great outdoors can be relaxing, therapeutic and depending on what you do quite rewarding. The benefits are high in number, and you can do it alone or with friends and family. However, when you’re out in the wild there are varying health issues you need to keep in mind, you can see some below.


Take The Right Equipment For The Right People


If you’re travelling with others take a checklist and make sure they have all got when they need to survive. Some people could be diabetic, meaning they will need their stock of insulin and some emergency sugary snacks like chocolate and drinks or even some tablets. The same applies for asthmatics, if you’re going to be hiking up and over hills then make sure they bring their inhalers otherwise you could quickly find yourselves stopping at regular intervals. You also need to make sure medication is brought, some people are on pills for their heart or liver for example. It can also be worth taking a general inventory of medical equipment like painkillers, bandages and upset stomach medication.


Make Sure You Can Be Reached In Case Of Emergency


Bad things can happen in the wild. You could be attacked by an animal, get lost, suffer a fall, the list goes on. In each of these cases it is vital some form of emergency specialist team can reach you with speed and accuracy. If you are really getting lost in nature then perhaps having an Air Medical Flight Service on call can help. Notify them where you’re going and carry a satellite phone to call them in case of emergencies. A helicopter can reach you far quicker than an ambulance when you’re in the wild. Be wary though, if you’re going mountaineering it can be hard for a helicopter to find a good landing spot.


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Be Sure You Can Battle The Elements


If you’re going into the cold or extreme heat then make sure you do your research. Simply taking a tent and sleeping bag won’t necessarily do. Depending on how extreme the temperature will be you’ll need a suitable pro sleeping bag and tent. You’ll also need quality gloves and a coat. In the heat you’ll need to take a large supply of water and make sure that you don’t run out. You’ll also need to be cautious in terms of the cold, some hot places like deserts shed temperature overnight, meaning you’ll need some warm gear to survive it properly.


Consider Taking A Guide


If You’re going somewhere you could easily get lost in like the wilds of Norway or the Amazon rainforest then you could consider hiring a guide. They’ll be able to keep you safe in unfamiliar territory, show you some of the best places in the area and ensure your trip is worthwhile. If you don’t take a guide you can perhaps have a local guide on speed dial, ready to come and help you incase you get lost or need advice regarding where to go next.

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