Stop Cleaning Your Home! Let These Gadgets Do The Dirty Work For You

Self cleaning vacuum

Cleaning can be such a chore. However, with modern technology, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some latest gadgets available on the market that could revolutionize the way you go about cleaning, saving you a lot of time and money.


Robot vacuum cleaner


We’ve officially entered the age of robots cleaning our homes. By far the most famous model is the Roomba – but there are many on the market. Robot vacuum cleaners rely on an infra red beam that tells them if they are about to hit an object. Different models have different pricing, battery lives and suction power levels. Visit review sites for more facts.


Window cleaning robot


One of the most despised household cleaning jobs is cleaning windows – but fortunately there’s now a robot for this too. The robot has a two hour charge and clings to the window via a magnetic system. Microfiber pads run over the surface of the window, carefully scrubbing the glass. For glass doors, office partitions and large windows these are an ideal purchase.


Sonic scrubber


This life-saving tool will stop you having to rely on a scouring pad and elbow grease to shift those tough marks and stains. Scrubbing at a speed of 10,000 times per minute, this device is sure to scrub anything spotless and doesn’t require any cleaning fluid. It comes with interchangeable heads, with extensions for reaching hard-to-access areas such as high corners and small nooks. They’re also remarkably cheap, some selling for under £20.


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Sanitizing wand


This wand – which is indeed magic – claims to kill up to 99.9% of germs making it a useful tool for parents and those with a little bit of OCD. Its sanitizing powers rely on advanced UV light. This type of UV light has long been used in hospitals to sterilize equipment. Now that the technology has become cheaper, it’s become suitable for the house. You can use it on anything from couches to toilet seats. It’s a particularly handy tool for sterilizing fiddly items such as computer keyboards and grills.


Trash compactor


Feel like you go through bin bags too fast? Trash compactors are a great way of saving time constantly traveling to the bin. They crush all your garbage into a ball that you can more easily dispose of than a full bin. You can also use them for recycling – many recycling companies prefer if you crush your cans and plastic bottles before sending them to the recycling plant. Certain items are not recommended such as food (it can cause a smell), animal waste (likewise), glass and chemicals (they can damage the compactor). They’re also not great for oils and electronics.  

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