Taking Care of Your Feet – 7 Tips For Healthy Stepping


One thing that many people take for granted is their feet. And when you really think about it, they do a lot for us. They carry us everywhere we go, handling our weight with each step or hop. If we need to go for a run, take a kid to the doctor, or hurry to work, our feet are right there with us. Maybe it’s time that we consider the health of our feet more often.

The health of our feet, along with the rest of the body, is so important to everyday tasks. So, we’ve partnered with Teton Foot & Ankle Center, professional in podiatry, to give you some tips for keeping them healthy.

Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is key. Clean your feet thoroughly every time you take a shower, and dry them well afterward. Fungal infections thrive in moist environments, so be sure no moisture is present before putting on socks and shoes.

Wear Breathable Footwear

This one goes hand-in-hand with the first tip. Find shoes and socks that are breathable. Avoid shoes that are too tight or don’t quite fit. This allows for more moisture, which creates a breeding ground for fungus.

Clip Your Toenails Properly

First off, clip your toenails – this is important for preventing infection and broken toenails. But also, clip your toenails properly. Don’t clip them too short. Clip your toenails straight across, and then use a nail file to smooth out the corners. This will help prevent in-grown toenails.

Don’t Share Footwear

If you can avoid it, don’t share footwear with other people. Without being able to examine their feet (and most of us wouldn’t want to do this anyway), you simply don’t know if they have an infection or foot disease that can spread to you.

Protection in Public

This goes perfectly with the previous tip. Just as it’s not smart to share footwear, it’s a good idea not to go bare foot in public places where other people have been bare foot. This is just another tip to help prevent you from catching a contagious foot infection or disease.


When you are in the shower or clipping your toenails, take an extra minute to examine your feet. Check for any cuts, discoloration, or peeling skin. These could all be signs of infection that you could catch early by simply looking down towards your toes. If you do suspect an infection or another problem with your feet, talk to your doctor about the best way to treat it.

Pamper Your Feet

Your feet do a lot for you! So treat them like it! Give yourself a foot massage, or better yet, go to the spa or have a significant other massage them for you. (And maybe even offer them a foot massage). A great self-massage technique is to roll a tennis ball under your feet. You can do this when you sit down to relax after a long day at work.

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