Tell Tale Signs of an Abusive Relationship

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Abuse can come in more than one form. Physical and emotional abuse both contribute to domestic violence.

Psychological abuse is also called mental or emotional abuse. This abuse occurs when someone tries to control and manipulate a person’s sense of reality. Be sure to take note of these few warning signs of a toxic relationship.

Diminishes Your Self Worth

Often times in a toxic relationship, the abuser will attempt to verbally insult and abuse their other with hurtful words and tone. This can range tremendously through attempting to embarrass you, name-calling, and any hurtful insults.

The one being abused is likely to endure speech that makes them feel as though they aren’t worthy of having anything better or having more love in their life. This type of abuse keeps the abuser feeling in control as they continue to attempt to knock their victim down until there is almost nothing left. This can lead to victims feeling too scared to leave for fear that they don’t deserve any better.


Those who have encountered exploitation will see variation in their abuser’s actions. Some might experience extreme or sudden changes in their bank account or seeing unauthorized withdraw of funds, signature forging, disappearance of funds without explanation or disappearance of valuable possessions, and even unpaid bills despite the finances being available.

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This type of behavior is yet another way that the abuser acts in charge or as if the other party is less than.

Refuses to Attend Therapy

Although therapy can be a scary experience, even for those who aren’t in a toxic relationship, abusers are particularly afraid of having their behavior noticed or reprimanded. Abusers will act like a model citizen in public. This can be an issue when their behavior is highlighted in a meeting.

Physical Abuse

Sometimes physical abuse can be hard to see within our peers. Baggy clothing and long sleeves will hide scars or wounds inflicted upon an individual. Most likely, the victim of physical abuse does not want others to see these obvious signs of abuse. However, you may notice unusual traits among those who are being physically abused at home.

Distinguish appropriate clothing for weather conditions. Is your peer wearing clothing that covers a large portion of their skin during summer months? Many who are physically abused wear hoodies, and jeans when the weather is warm to cover up wounds.

Physical signs can be seen on the arms and legs of victims. Check for scrapes, bruises, or scars that appear regularly. If your peer is being physically abused, make sure they know to ask you for help.

Unusual Behavior

If you sense that your peers behavior is off, there’s a chance something in their life is not right. Depending upon how long you may have known your peer can determine how well you know their attributes, habits, and personality style. If you feel as though something is off, ask if help is needed.

Generally, instincts tend to be correct. If you work, interact, or see individuals who you suspect might be victims to abuse, there’s a good chance you can tell. Though some victims may be better at hiding their abuse, after a while, peers can generally determine that something is not right. If this is the case, keep a very close eye on your friend, co-worker, or peer.

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