The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring For and Cleaning Your Ring

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Getting engaged can be thrilling and overwhelming. You now have something mesmerizing nestled on your finger to let everyone know of your love and devotion. While you want to show off your ring to everyone that walks by, you also want to keep it safe and clean. Here are a few tips to follow for the best care of your ring.

When to Remove your Ring

It can be hard to know when you should and shouldn’t take off your ring. Here are a few do’s and don’ts:

  • Don’t take off your ring while washing your hands in a public restroom. It may be tempting to remove it so you can get a good lather, but the chances of forgetting your ring by the sink or having it fall down the drain just aren’t worth it.
  • Do remove your ring when using toxic cleaners. If you are cleaning the house it would be a good idea to remove your ring so that you don’t damage your ring with harmful chemicals.
  • Do remove your ring when going swimming. Water can change the temperature of your body making it easier for your ring to slip off.
  • Do remove your ring while showering. All the lathery soap can cause your ring to slip off in the shower and then you run the risk of it going down the drain. Also, the oily soaps you use are typically not ring-friendly, causing the ring to dull.
  • Do remove your ring when playing sports. This is to eliminate the chance of putting pressure on the soft metal of your ring and warping the shape.
  • Do remove your ring while primping. Lotions and hairsprays work wonders on making you look fabulous, but they can be harmful to your ring. Have your ring be the finishing touch in getting ready.
  • You decide if you want to sleep with your ring on. Many people have opinions about this but the experts say that it doesn’t affect the ring so you do whatever is the most comfortable for you.

Weekly Ring Cleaning

For weekly maintenance on your ring all you’ll need is a dish of warm water and a toothbrush dedicated to your ring. After giving your ring a few minutes to soak in the water gently brush away the weekly grime from the rock and the saddle. If you’re near the sink make sure the drain is plugged so you don’t run the risk of losing your ring.

Getting Your Ring Professionally Cleaned

Specialists suggest that at least once a year you take your ring into a jeweler or professional like Infinity Coins, to get your ring cleaned and checked. Along with giving your ring that extra shine the specialist will be able to check your ring prongs to ensure that your gems are safe and secure in their settings.

Make sure you have a special place that you keep your ring when you do take it off so you always know where it is. A ring tree, ring dish or even the jewelry box your ring came in are great places to keep it when not being worn. Good luck with your life together! May it be just as dazzling as your ring.

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