The Florida Everglades: 5 Incredible Outdoor Experiences

Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades offer an unforgettable experience with an excellent mix of wild habitats and beautifully developed recreational spaces. Anyone planning to spend time here will surely glean a lifetime of wonderful memories as a result. But what specific activities do people enjoy the most in the Everglades? These five are some of the top choices this area is prized for.

1. Kayaking the Florida Everglades

Kayaking and canoeing through the lush and diverse waterways of the Everglades is an amazing experience for anyone wanting a really up-close journey through this unique habitat. Hell’s Bay and Nine Mile Pond are among some of the most popular paddling areas, while many also enjoy exploring the coastal areas of The Gulf. Even better, some combine the freedom of movement of the kayak or canoe with other activities such as fishing and nature watching for the utmost fullest experience possible.

2. Fishing the Everglades

As touched on above, small vessel access to the various, rich waterways of the Everglades can give unparalleled entry to some real area fishing hot spots. Some too choose to go with larger boats for the deeper catch, and others still just stick to the shorelines, leaving the need for a boat behind. No matter how you do it, getting out and doing some angling is a great way to enjoy the Florida Everglades, for the individual and family alike.

3. Golfing the Everglades in Naples

For the golf enthusiast that looks for a chance at a round or two, the Everglades don’t disappoint. One of the most popular options, the Golf Course of the Everglades in Naples, FL offers some of the lushest greens and interesting course layouts that really do blend with the unique, natural landscape perfectly. Excellent dining and lounging opportunities also complement this top activity option of the area.

4. Hiking the Florida Everglades

Also, for an up-close and personal way to explore the depths of this beautiful green land is simply by foot. Many visitors and locals alike rate the many trails here as some of the most enjoyable they’ve ever experienced. No crazy, steep mountain traversing involved. Furthermore, hiker’s particularly enjoy the scenic opportunities found along the numerous Pine Island, Flamingo, and Shark Valley Trail systems.

5. Nature Watching Florida

Additionally, another top draw to the Florida Everglades is the simple enjoyment of the unique tropical habitats. From alligators and mosquitos, fish to leopard frogs, and even groups of roseate spoonbills susceptible to overhead pass-overs at any time, the animal diversity here is definitely captivating. The flora and fauna presence of the habitat is just as fascinating and unique to explore up-close.

The Everglades are a true jewel in the crown of the State of Florida. This one-of-a-kind location features some of the best fishing, nature watching, boating, and exploration opportunities. Visitors to the sunshine state take notice – the Everglades truly have something for everyone.


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