The Latest Home Trends for Your Space

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There are plenty of home décor trends that you see on social platforms each day, particularly if you follow any number of home renovators from HGTV. For instance, you can take a look at highly trending home interior stylist, Leanne Ford and her brother Steve Ford, for a natural minimalist look.



When considering a minimalist look, you can always rely on Leanne Ford. One of the things you’ll notice from this particular designer is her ability to play off white walls. As you strive for a minimalist look, white walls allow for you to play with décor with color. This designer has been successful in doing this with the use of natural elements such as woven grasses for pendants, natural stone accent walls, and wooden finishes.


Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Another trend to give your home a fun face-lift is going for new cabinets, particularly with some color this go around. Consider a dark gray or a deep pop of blue on your kitchen island for an upscale look that will allow you to incorporate fun new hardware. FYI, we went with a dark gray kitchen island while the rest of the kitchen cabinets remained white. Here we were able to play with new hardware while keeping the cost down. Not only did it give our kitchen new life, but we were able to save money in the meantime.

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Open Shelving

Another upgraded option for your kitchen is the use of open shelving. This trend has been taking over kitchens across the nation. The open shelving concept removes old outdated upper cabinets and replaces them with a natural, handcrafted, wooden finish that opens your kitchen space up exponentially. The look of the elevated space will create a grander look for your kitchen.


Natural Finishes

More trends to make note of would be the use natural finishes. More home buyers are finding organic materials such as wood floors, natural stone backsplashes, stone countertops. Within the last year or so, the interest for natural finishes continued to grow within the fashion industry and real estate designers were no exception.

If you’re looking to save money all while giving your home a new update, consider incorporating more wooden accents such as cutting boards and bowls in your kitchen. You may also want to consider more stone-inspired décor throughout as well as the use of houseplants.


Handcrafted Furniture and Finishes

Thanks to use of social media platforms such as Etsy and a number of others, more buyers are finding themselves more attracted to handmade furniture and accents as opposed to manufactured materials. If you’re looking for something a bit different from everyone else in your space, be sure to consider the purchase of more handmade options. This is such to a give a accent touch unlike other houses in your neighborhood.

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Although, there are many ways to bring your outdated space to the late 2019 trends, these particular methods are sure to elevate your home space like you’ve never seen. Be sure to explore more options on fun sites such as HGTV, Pinterest, and more. If you have fun ideas that you’ve incorporated to your space, feel free to share them with us by writing in.

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