The Negative Effects of Clutter in Your Home

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You may not be a hoarder, but have you ever looked around and wondered “why do I have so much stuff I do not even use?” If so, it may be time to de-clutter your home. Nobody likes to be trip over things while trying to walk to the bathroom or have to move a pile of stuff off the table to eat. It can be a health hazard if you are unable to quickly escape in the event of a fire. Especially if you call emergency services and they cannot reach you due to clutter in the way. It can also cause a buildup of mold, dust, and even bugs, which can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory illnesses. There are so many negative effects of clutter. It’s not just your physical health that is in trouble; a cluttered house can actually create a negative mood, less activity, anxiety, and depression.

How Clutter Can Make You Unhappy

It doesn’t matter who can claim the clutter. If there is a bunch of clutter, you are going to feel bogged down, stressed out, and dirty. It will also cause you to procrastinate. Why bother cleaning when there is so much clutter in the way? Your decision-making skills will decrease because you cannot decide what to get rid of. This is a sign of depression or an anxiety disorder. It can even affect your ability to get to work on time, which can cause you to lose your job and that will definitely be a problem.

Compulsive cluttering results in missed work. This is because you are not motivated, too busy trying to decide what to get rid of, or you just cannot find your shoes to get out the door. Either way, your productivity is decreased and your mental health suffers.

The Clutter Effect

Believe it or not, there is actually a condition called the clutter effect, which is a build-up of stress, lack of cognition, declining physical health, lack of life satisfaction, and an increase of depression. You may not be a hoarder but you may just have a large collection of things that got too big for your home. Think of it this way: if you put everything in your home with over 20 rooms, would it be cluttered? Probably not, because there is more room to put everything.

Experts say that those who accumulate clutter in their homes are also likely to have multiple negative traits. These include overflowing emails, consistently late, bad organization skills, and potentially attachment disorders. It may have started out as a simple collection of dolls. Quickly this turned into a huge mess of thousands of dolls and other things throughout the house.  

The Definition of Clutter

What is clutter? Some people may look at your belongings and deem most of it to be clutter. You and your family probably consider it a collection. Certain things that you save as mementos are called memory clutter and other clutter is called someday clutter because you are afraid you may need it someday. If you have an issue with clutter and want to talk to someone, there is online counseling that can help you with that. And you do not have to leave your house, which is good since you cannot find your keys.

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