The Sentimentality Behind Sending Greeting Cards

Are the days of sending greeting cards long gone? Modern technology and social media sites, such as Facebook, take away the essence of giving a greeting card. Some people no longer want to take the time and effort to send a card, it’s much easier to send a quick message via texting or Facebook. Are these messages as thoughtful as sending an old fashioned greeting card?
Sure, everyone enjoys checking their social media sites and phones on their birthdays. They feel flattered by the fact that so many people wished them a happy birthday. The reality is, those comments are not nearly as meaningful as the ones that are conveyed through a greeting card you receive from someone.
How exciting would it be to go to  your mailbox to find actual greeting cards wishing you a happy birthday? Wouldn’t it mean more than a short comment you got through Facebook? Would you actually save these greeting cards, or would you simply throw them away right after reading them?
Most people do save them for a period of time, because they usually contain caring words and sentiments. Someone took the time to actually send you a handwritten card. That means something, especially these days when we know everyone is rushing here and there.
By giving someone a greeting card, you are letting the person know that they are special enough to go through all the effort for. Some people don’t look at it in that way of course, but It’s the truth. These cards will become someones keepsake; something they will cherish, and have on display. Can we say the same about a social media message?

What are the Common Occasions to Send a Greeting Card?

The usual time a person will give a greeting card is when it’s someone’s birthday. People often associate greeting cards with birthdays & anniversaries. The truth is, if you send a greeting card for any occasion, or better still, for no reason at all, it becomes even more appreciated. No matter the reason, giving someone a card has meaning behind it, which therefore makes it special. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone’s birthday or you just simply want to let them know you miss them, any occasion is a good reason to give a card!
Giving someone a greeting card is a nice way to express yourself to another person. A man named Sam works in a retail store, stocking greeting cards. One day, Sam came across a woman in the aisle who had tears in her eyes. When he approached her to ask if she was okay, she told him that the cards reminded her of one she recently sent to her brother; whom she hadn’t seen for 20 years. As a result of her card, they got back in touch and planned on meeting up.
Such a touching story, and it goes to show you that cards do have impact in peoples lives.

When is the Appropriate Time to Send a Card?

  • To say, “Happy Birthday!”.
  • To wish someone a happy anniversary.
  • To congratulate someone on their success.
  • To let someone know that you are missing them.
  • To give someone support through a difficult time
  • To give someone thanks.
  • To let someone know that you have been thinking of them.
As you can see, there are many different occasions and reasons to send someone a greeting card. People don’t take time anymore to sit and write another person a letter. It feels like a daunting task, so it simply never gets done. Instead of doing that, you can simply pick up a card, write a few caring words about how you feel, and send it. The impact it will have on the person’s life will be the same because you took the time to write them.

Do People Really Still Save Cards?

Yes, people do still save cards. A card has a special meaning behind it. People feel touched knowing that someone took time out of their lives to convey their feelings towards them. A lot of people save these cards for years, never wanting to part with them.
Women especially hold cards very close to their hearts. Ask a woman in your life if they still have the card you gave them a year ago. A majority of these women will tell you they do.
Most people find it refreshing to receive a card in the mail, instead of the typical bills or junk mail. The feeling a person gets from opening a card and reading it is truly special and exciting. The next time you are in a store that sells greeting cards, think about this; send a card, it will mean a lot to someone!
Rick Mercado is a freelance writer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The loving husband and father of three enjoys the great outdoors, the East coast, and Canadian history. It was while looking up funny Canadian-inspired greeting cards that he found The Maple Leaf jersey-wearing polar bear on a snowmobile really made him laugh.
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