The Top 5 Most Painful Piercings

most painful nose piercing
Piercings are extremely popular amongst many individuals, allowing them to express themselves in other ways. They can be placed on all sorts of areas on the body including the ears, lips, eyebrows, nose, and belly. For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive guide to the most painful piercings.
Although a popular form of body art there is almost always one question on everyone’s mind. How much will it hurt? The likelihood of it is that all of them are going to hurt in one way or another and some more than others. With a little bit of research and a strong stomach, I have managed to find out which of them is the most painful.

Revealed: 5 most painful piercings

The Nose

It is not uncommon to see a nose ring or stud as it is one of the most popular choices amongst many. The nose can, in fact, be pierced in two places including on the side of the nose and on the septum. This gives people a choice on the sort of look they want to go for, side piercings are fairly discreet and delicate, particularly if a stud is used. The septum usually requires you to wear a bull ring or a bar through the nose which is far more prominent. It is however thought to be by many a rather painful process to go through. There are others though who claim this is an easy one to have done and the pain must be down to an individual’s pain threshold rather than the act itself. Other factors contributing to the amount of pain caused when having a nose piercing include where the piercing is on the nose and how quickly it is done. Some customers even experience numbing of the nose due to nerve endings being disrupted and temporary shooting pains in the first few hours.

The Lip

There are a number of areas on the lip that can be pierced including the labret, Monroe and side. Each location on the lip gives the wearer a very different look from the other. The amount of pain you experience is also very different depending on what area you choose to have done. No matter which you choose though you cannot entirely escape the discomfort.  It is thought the pain is only present when the needle is inserted into the flesh, feeling intense and sharp. After the initial sting, it will begin to subside leaving you with one healthy-looking piercing.


Cartilage piercings are often much more painful than on other areas of the body, this is due to the needle having to be pushed through a much harder surface. Not only does this make it a more painful process but it also means it takes longer to heal as there is more damage to repair. The actual hit you receive from the needle is not too bad however the recovery process can be long-winded and uncomfortable. During the healing process of the ear, piercings try not to sleep on it or catch it when brushing your hair. This should help to minimize the amount of discomfort you feel.

The Nipple

The nipple is an extremely sensitive part of the body filled with tiny nerve endings that react to any sort of touch. Naturally, it is going to be very painful when it is pierced as well as afterward. The problem with the nipple, however, is that unlike other parts of the body, it cannot be left to heal in the open air. The nipple is constantly covered with clothing meaning it will suffer from endless chafing.

The Genitals

The genital area is by far the most painful part of the body to have pierced. The genitals like the nipple are also filled with nerve endings that react to even the slightest touch. It is, therefore, no surprise this piercing hurts a lot. Not only does it hurt when having it pierced but it hurts afterward too.
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