6 Things You Should Know Before You Buy e-Liquid

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Vaping is all the rage right now and has plenty of advantages over smoking that makes it an attractive option to many. It’s not difficult to start either; all you need is a good vape pen and some quality e-liquid and you’re good to go. However, you should keep in mind that not all e-liquids are created equal. Some are downright dangerous. In this article, we’re going to give you a few basic tips on how to buy the right e-liquid for you.

Know Your Flavor Options

When it comes to vaping, flavor is probably the most important factor to many buyers. Although you can always go for traditional flavors like tobacco or menthol, you can find all sorts of unconventional flavors on the market as well. From vanilla and coffee, to the more unconventional flavors like peaches and cream, banana nut bread or coconut cream pie, there is plenty to choose from. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even mix and match your own combinations. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can visit a vape shop such as Grey Haze to browse through the different flavor options.

Learn About The Ingredients

In order to create a smooth flavor, e-liquids contain a base ingredient combined with natural or artificial flavors. The mix of base and flavoring is what makes the experience more satisfying. However, not all ingredients are the same.

Two of the more common base ingredients are propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. Both of these are non-toxic and commonly used in food products. They are used separately in vaping but are more effective when blended. Look for these ingredients in bases for the best choice.

Avoid Diacetyl Bases

Another type of base for e-liquids is known as diketones. These additives have a buttery flavor and are used in some food products. One type of diketone is known as diacetyl, which is considered to be the most harmful. As a matter of fact, it was discovered that workers who inhaled this compound in a factory setting contracted bronchiolitis. So, if possible, try to avoid bases or e-liquids that contain diacetyl as a precautionary measure.

You’ll also find many e-liquids that will use diketones like acetoin and acetyl propionyl as alternatives. While these two aren’t considered as harmful as diacetyl, a lot of vapers try to steer clear from their compounds together, so we suggest you do too until there’s more research on their effects.

Check Out the Value

Take a look at the price of the e-liquid you’re thinking of buying. Buying in small amounts may make more sense when you’re getting started, but you could end up spending a lot of money this way. After you find out what you like, you may want to start purchasing in larger quantities. While you may be limited in flavors by purchasing in bulk, you’ll save a great deal in the long run. You may even be able to find variety packs, so you can still experiment if desired.

Understand the Strength

E-liquids usually contain nicotine although the concentration varies greatly. The nicotine strength is important to know, especially if you’re switching from smoking to vaping. In general, if you smoke bolder cigarettes, you may want to choose a higher nicotine concentration. For example, full flavor cigarettes are usually comparable to 18-24 mg/ml for nicotine concentrations. If you’re a lighter smoker, you may want to choose a concentration of 12-18 mg/ml. You can find e-liquids available that don’t contain any nicotine, which is great for non-smokers.

The Throat Hit Will Vary Greatly

The term “throat hit”; relates to when the smoke hits the back of your throat. This term is common when smoking cigarettes is also be found when vaping. However, the throat hit will vary depending on the type of e-liquid you choose. The nicotine concentration is a common factor with a concentration of 8-16 mg/ml providing the optimal hit for most smokers.

Additives in the e-liquid also affect your vaping experience. Grain alcohol, menthol, capsaicin, and cinnamon all contribute as well. When you start vaping, you should try a few different types of e-liquids and notice how they change your vaping experience. It can take some time to determine your preferred additives or types of e-liquids so don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, even though you may have preconceptions if you smoke cigarettes, vaping can be a much more enjoyable experience once you get used to it.

Although vaping is pretty easy to get into, you do need to know a few of the basics before you get started. These six areas are important to know before purchasing e-liquids so you can be sure to have a good experience. Start slow and try a variety of liquids to find out what you prefer.

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