Timeless Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

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Stylish and sophisticated—the adjectives associated with timeless interior design trends. These spaces inspire creativity and thoughtful living. Plus, they don’t have to be limited to the pages of a magazine! With some clear direction, you can create the same charming ambiance in your home. Take a look at these five timeless interior design ideas.

Neutral Colors

Variations of beige, gray, white and tan are ideal for creating an ageless ambiance. Bold colors can be tempting, as they are often showcased in remodeling brochures, but loud, outspoken color choices often reflect fad styles that quickly become outdated. Neutral color palettes, on the other hand, never go out of style, and they project an effortless aesthetic that emanates lasting continuity, through past, present and future.

Artisanal Wooden Craftsmanship

Furniture can have a strong effect on a room’s overall impression. Artisanal wooden craftsmanship, like that of Amish furniture, projects a strong, classic taste with exquisite woodwork and flattering motifs. There’s something about the display of intricate woodgrain in a solid piece of furniture that strikes a timeless balance of strength and beauty. Imagine an Amish bookcase lined with classic novels or an Amish kitchen hutch filled with pretty pottery. Including quality artisanal woodwork in your interior design plan will introduce a quaint artistry to your living space.

Clean Lines and Clutter-Free

Another way to create a timeless ambiance is to create clean lines in a clutter-free room. Unopened mail, sweaters, tablets and other everyday possessions get stacked or strewn across furniture from daily use. These piles can be a total buzzkill to an otherwise classy space. Try to keep smooth surfaces, like tabletops and mantelpieces, cleared off of everything except intentional décor pieces. Decluttering will highlight the design choices that have been integrated into the room, and cleaner lines will produce a sophisticated, upscale look.

Symmetry and Balance

When arranging furniture and décor, try a symmetrical layout to achieve comprehensive unity in the space. Place identical chairs or sofas on either side of a table or plant. Matching candlesticks or sculptures can bring balance to a long mantelpiece. Symmetry may not be a practical option if you’re working with singular items or large pieces of décor. In this case, try and arrange items in a way that the room feels balanced. Tall pieces, towering plants and large lamps, shouldn’t be collected on the same side of the room. Try a staggered approach that creates visual balance within the entire space.

Charming Focal Point

A final tip for achieving a timeless interior design scheme is to introduce a charming focal point to the space. A focal point catches the eye and draws attention to one area so that the room as a whole can be appreciated with proper perspective. Unique sculptures, a pop of color or an interesting feature, such as a fireplace, can all serve as a focal point in a room.

Achieving an interior layout that emanates timeless beauty doesn’t have to be an impossible quest! Follow these tips the next time you remodel a room, and your home can reflect timeless aesthetics, too.

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