Tips to Create Your Own Hawaiian Bucket List


Blue waters, breathtaking sunsets, and rolling mountains cascading around white sands makes for a getaway unlike any other experience. These are just a few reasons why many people decide to seek out Hawaiian getaways and Big Island homes for rent.

Hawaii is known for its magnificent landscape and activities; however, many people have discovered that Hawaii accommodates those who are seeking specific luxuries. Fine dining, comfortable hotels, and private adventures make this destination a decadent decision for all families.


Hawaiian Beaches

Big Island Beaches

Countless travel entities, such as The Travel Channel have reported on this island resulting in many families adding Hawaii to their bucket list.  Known as the “Big Island”, Hawaii hosts amazing sites that uphold the majestic scenery we all know and love. Like most of Hawaii, it is home to beaches that seemingly look untouched. Clear water, white sand beaches, and a thriving coral community surround the island making this destination a complete paradise for any family.

The beaches of Hawaii can accommodate just about anyone in the family. Whether you’re seeking some quiet time in the sun, seeking surf lessons from some of the best surfers in the world, or interested in the realm of underwater adventure, Hawaii is certainly a destination to ensure that everyone has what they need. With relaxation and adventure mixed into one island, the entire family can find something to do.


Hawaiian Resorts

Hawaii is home to many luxury resorts that can take care of the entire family by mixing fun with serenity. One of the most luxurious resorts that can be found on the Big Island is the Four Seasons resort.

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With amenities such as spa treatments, infinity pools, and swimmable ponds with manta rays, it would be hard to turn down this resort. This ocean view resort has 243 rooms and has received a 5-star score for the traditional hotel class.

Another 5-star resort with a view to impress is the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows. This resort offers a unique island twist as guests indulge in the workout rooms volcanic rock saunas, lava tube therapy treatments, and volcanic rock golf courses. Although this resort has embraced the outdoors, there is nothing but luxury offered by the resort atmosphere, just ask guests who have treated themselves to the private bungalows.

Another legendary resort found among the islands is St. Regis Princeville. This luxurious resort sustains a specific sophistication and taste for remark-ability. The experience at St. Regis has been described as a place of celebration for all of the finer things in life.

Equipped with fine dining and spas, the St. Regis is perfect for any occasion that requires serenity. From weddings, honeymoons, golf retreats and more, you’re certain to find this level of luxury some of the finest among all of Hawaii.

Like any reservation, be sure to do some research ahead of time to ensure that the resort you’re booking satisfies your family’s needs.

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Hawaiian Dining

While experiencing the Big Island, it is important to consider celebrating the local flavor and the best part about this celebration is that there is no shortage of the decadent dishes. Those visiting will find an array of local produce and fresh caught fish at many restaurants. However, those seeking a traditional Hawaiian dish should consider the kalua pork which can be found among many restaurants on the Big Island.

The Kalua pork utilizes a unique form of an underground oven found at your typical Hawaiian Luau. Although the pork is tradition, there have been other foods served at luau feasts such as veggies and even turkey. To prepare, a chef will make a wooden fire built in a pit large enough to hold all the food being cooked, stone are then used to over the food. The process can be a bit length as hours can go by before the meal is fully ready; however, the experience of the Hawaiian luau is an unforgettable experience and your taste buds are sure to agree.

Another well-known dish that can certainly make heads turn is the Spam Musubi. Yes, you guessed it. The Spam Musubi is indeed made with Spam; however, many people insist that you try it before you decide to pass. This popular Hawaiian lunch is made up of a slice of grilled Spam on block of white rice and wrapped with dried seaweed.

Hawaiian ice

Another helpful island traditional dish is that of the Hawaiian snow cone. With some of the most delicious flavors from exotic fruits, found only in Hawaii, such as: the tangy lilikoi, the plum-like li hing mui, and the world-famous coconut, this is certainly one Big Island dish you won’t want to pass up.

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Hawaii is a place of unique wildlife, ocean reefs, and rolling mountains. All of this makes Hawaii a location unlike any other place and the people of Hawaii strive to keep it this way. While your stay in Hawaii, consider a way to give back to Hawaii.

One way is to learn about the island’s unique ecosystem at the Hawaii Wildlife Center. Here you can learn about current efforts in effect to help protect and rehabilitate the wildlife.

You can also catch up with some knowledgeable individuals at the Natural Energy Lab of Hawaii with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy.

For those looking for a more hands on experience, consider getting your hands dirty with Hawaiian Legacy Tours and help plant a Koa tree as a part of your experience.

Hawaii is a destination that is sure to provide an experience unlike anything else. Consider a few of the options to try out during your visit. Remember, the Big Island is just one of the islands that Hawaii is home to. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, you’ll find it in Hawaii.

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