Tips on Redesigning Your Bathroom

redesign your bathroom

Wanting to redesign your bathroom? Many people tend to overlook the bathroom when considering house renovation plans. We could say that the reason behind this is that the bathroom is largely out of our sight so we are ignoring all the upgrades we could make there, but we all know that is not the real reason. The bathroom is, in fact, one of the most frequently visited parts of our home. The real reason would be that bathroom redesigning intimidates us as a presumably time and money-demanding task. Fortunately, there are easy ways to redesign your bathroom without too much effort and here are few tips on how to do that right.

Bathroom Redesigning Tips
Redesigning your bathroom: Don’t be a victim of trends

Bathroom redesigning costs are not really the cheapest, but they do not need to be very expensive if you use a couple of clever tactics and efficient planning. All the major things you change will be there for some time. Don’t rush to incorporate some too outlandish colors or elements, just because they are trending. Choose elegant fixtures with more graceful lines. You want it to be functional, not the state of the art interior. However, if you want to unleash your inner designer, do that with smaller and cheaper details which you can easily replace if you change your mind.

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Make more space whenever you can

When redesigning your bathroom, think about space. A crowded bathroom is neither eye-pleasing nor practical, so try to make more room with smaller elements or with their smarter placement. This is especially important if your bathroom is not that large, to begin with. You can for example, choose a corner sink instead of a regular one, which usually disrupts the flow of space and creates an awkward situation wherever you place it. Mounting a vanity even a little bit above the floor will help your bathroom to look more spacious and give you a place to put smaller things that would otherwise be scattered around.

Replace the shower curtain

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to breathe in new life and into your bathroom. Because of the dominant space, it covers, it will dictate the overall look and feel of the whole room and draw attention away from smaller imperfections. It would be a wise decision to use a large-scale pattern to create an illusion of extended space. A shower curtain that moves back and forth is also a more practical solution than more massive glass doors that can be moved only in and out.

Use the space above the toilet

This is the place that is usually occupied by pipes or the toilet tank, which is a pity because it means that it is essentially wasted. With just a little bit of readjustment, you can have extended counter, which will give you more room for cosmetics and other smaller items, or the extended mirror that can be used by more than one person. If you are not too sure about the pipe-work and displacing the tank, consult a bathroom renovation expert to prevent further headaches.

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Upgrade fixtures

As mentioned above, larger details like shower curtains will draw the most attention but you don’t want some details to break the big picture if someone’s curious eyes wander to them. Especially because they are some of the cheapest things you can actually change and upgrade. So, if you have noticed that your faucets are worn-out, your towel racks are falling apart and your drawer needs a paint-job, give them the much-needed attention. The whole bathroom will look more beautiful and refreshed.

As you can see, bathroom redesign doesn’t have to be intimidating and even the slightest change can improve the overall look. Try to spice it up with some cheaper and smaller details, keep everything else functional and try to make more space whenever you can and you will be more than pleased with the results.

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