Top Tips For Designing A Home That’s Classy And Timeless


People often talk about ‘timeless’ or ‘classic’ fashions. This can be to do with a number of different things. For example, a pearl necklace is often considered beautiful and timeless. A plain black dress is regarded as an essential in a women’s closet due to it being a ‘staple’ item. But why stop with your clothing and accessories? Your home can say a lot about you, so designing classic interiors will add an air of luxury to your home that is difficult for others to imitate.  It is also easier than you may think to redesign your current home rather than having to move house completely.

Go back to basics

Close your eyes and imagine your home stripped back, with all the furniture and decorations removed. Do you like what you see? Your walls, windows and floors are the blank canvas of your home, and you may find that you are dissatisfied with them currently. Heavily patterned wallpaper and worn, threadbare carpets make it difficult to create a beautiful, sleek look in the home. If your basics are unsightly, you will struggle to perfect the rest of your home. Consider a company such as georgian renovations who will be able to help you with redesigning the basics of your home. Generally, neutral colours work best for walls and floors. These kinds of tones also render your property much more sellable, as prospective buyers tend to want something easy to work with. When it comes to the flooring, consider whether you would like another carpet laying or if you want to go with a wooden floor. Carpets are great for creating a cozy home, but wooden floors tend to look chicer – so discuss with your family what you all want.  

Get a statement piece

If all your home is neutral but you still want to brighten it up a little, why not consider buying a statement piece? This could be a large piece of art such as a sculpture or even a huge bouquet of flowers in a bright vase. Or, if you want to take your statement piece to the next level, why not paint up a feature wall? Even one solid color on one of your walls can add interest to the room. If bold colors aren’t your thing, a subtle patterned wallpaper can also give you a similar effect. Then, match your cushions to the colors on your feature wall to make it ‘pop’.


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Keep it tidy

There is nothing worse than having a beautifully designed home, only for it to be ruined daily by dirt and clutter. Neutral homes designed with pale colors can fall particularly foul to this, simply because the dirt shows up much more easily. Always have a pack of antibacterial wipes on hand to mop up any spillages, and a stain remover can be great for tackling fabric stains early on. As far as clutter goes, you will find that storage boxes will become your best friends! Or, invest in a sofa that has storage included underneath, to keep your minimalist look.

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