Top Ways To Look After Your Dog This Summer

Now summer is approaching, it’s an excellent time to get outdoors with your pooch. You can go for long walks and take them to the park and the beach with the whole family. However, there are several things you need to do to protect your dogs in the summer months.

Make sure you take water during walks

You need to make sure your dog keeps hydrated during the summer months. If they don’t drink enough water, they are more prone to get illnesses such as heat stroke. You can read in one of our previous blogs how you will know if your dog has heat stroke. As well as ensuring you fill it up regularly at home, you need to take a bottle of water when you go for a walk with them. Take a small bowl which you can use to put the water in for your dog. It will help them stay happy and healthy while you walk them during the summer months.

Protect them from fleas

Another way you can look after your dog in the summer months is to help protect them from fleas. Dogs are more at risk of getting fleas during the summer, especially if you take them out for walks at the park where other dogs have been. Unfortunately, fleas thrive in warm weather. To help keep them safe from fleas, you need to give them regular treatment such as nexgard to prevent them from getting fleas. Use a comb to regularly check through their fur for fleas. You should also ensure you stay away from any allergy triggers such as a particular flower which will end up irritating your doggy.

Don’t leave them out for ages in the sun

You need to look after your dog in summer months by making sure you don’t leave them outside in the sun for ages. As we protect ourselves and our family by sitting in the shade while outside, it’s important to do the same for our dogs. If not, they will be more at risk of getting sunburn which can lead to skin cancer. You can find some skin lotions for pets to help protect them in the sun. Try and stick to letting them out in the morning and late afternoon when the sun rays aren’t so strong.

Keep the home cool

It’s so important to ensure you keep your home cool for your pets in the house. Use air conditioning if possible in your home or leave a window slightly open to keep your house nice and cool. You also need to be very careful when taking your dog out with you in the car in warm weather. As discussed in this article, if it’s going to be hot, it’s a good idea to leave them in your cool house. If you take them in the car, they will end up panting too much which can cause respiratory issues.

You need to ensure they are going for regular trims to keep them feeling cool in the sun. You should also brush them to get rid of any excess hair which is keeping them hot and bothered.


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