Treatment review: Rhinoplasty in focus

Cosmetic surgery became extremely popular in the last few decades. People that are not satisfied with their appearance, whether it is their face or body, decide to have a procedure to improve their looks. Surgery can be very expensive and as the medical insurance does not cover the bill, people tend to give up on the idea. However rhynoplasty, to us non-medical experts known as “nose job” is becoming more popular over the years, and is proved to be the most wanted cosmetic surgery procedure.

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If you are not satisfied with the shape or the size of your nose, with this relatively minor procedure you can correct any defects you think your nose has. Sometimes it is done for medical reasons in order to improve its function as some people have problems with breathing, but when it comes to cosmetic surgery, with rhynoplasty you can make it smaller or reshape to get rid of any bumps and indentations.

When you decide to undergo this procedure, you need to set up a consultation meeting with the selected surgeon to tell you about the nose job before and after the procedure. After you describe what you are unsatisfied with and what you wish to change, he will say if your expectations are realistic. He can advise you on what to do, and explain step-by-step what the procedure will look like. He will also tell you what to expect after the surgery, the process of recovery and he should warn you about the possible risks and unwanted side-effects.
The nose job is considered a minor procedure and is usually done as outpatient procedure which means that you do not have to spend the night in the hospital after it. You can get general or local anesthesia, but if you chose the latter one, your nose will be numb and it will not hurt, but prepare for all the unpleasant noises. The cuts are done within the nostrils, so there are no visible cuts on your face after the procedure.
A week after the surgery you will have to wear a nasal splint. First few weeks your nose and the area around your eyes will be swollen and some bruises might even appear. You can return to regular social activities after two or three weeks, but restrain yourself from any sports or physical exercises. You will see the final result when you are completely healed and all the swelling and bruising is gone, and there will be no signs of even having the procedure.

Your surgeon is the one that is going to warn you about all possible risks and side-effects, but before even deciding to visit the surgeon, you should read about the most common ones. After the surgery you might experience some light-headedness and nosebleeds. Also due to some swelling that causes nasal blockage you might have problems breathing. The skin around your nose might get irritated from the bandage, and also nose infection is not so rare, so you might take some preventive antibiotics immediately after the surgery.

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A final thing to remember is that there is no perfect nose. You might not be satisfied with the one you have got so you decide to have a nose job, but bare in mind that no matter how good the surgeon is, your new nose might not come up just as you expected.
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