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Yards and lawns can be treated and maintained in so many ways that no matter which one you choose, you can say that is perfect. However, turning your yard into a paradise-like one garden means a lot of sacrifice from the garden owner and loads of additional education in botanic, as well. But all those people who think that they are able to organize and maintain a large and perfect garden without a lot of effort and love should give up the whole procedure before you even plant the first plant into the garden ground. You truly need to have special positive feelings towards nature and plants, together with a refined esthetic touch to endure all the work and efforts required by a garden. Landscape design is always worth the extra effort. You know those couples who have just bought a dog and every conversation you have with them is always dog-centered and consists of their canine pet’s daily routine. When you realize that you talk that much about your garden, it means that you are a real garden lover and that you have done the right stuff. To alleviate the first steps in this process, we have asked experts from Sydney Landscape Design enterprise for a couple of tips.

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Nurtured soil – garden firewall

One of the first steps you need to take when turning your back or front yard into the Garden of Eden (even better if your name really is Eden) is giving the soil all the necessary nutrients to make it flourish and support useful grass and plants. A chaotically handled yard is a real haven for weeds and wild plants. On the other hand, a yard that has undergone a proper chemical test and that has been treated with appropriate fertilizers chosen in accordance with the soil test, will be an opulent and lush ground for a perfect garden.

What plants make perfection?

When the soil has been properly fertilized, you can start growing your plants, planting the flowers and organizing the surface of the garden.

The first question that every gardener is going to ask himself or herself is what plants and flowers will make your garden look divine. From one point of view, you should grow only the ones that are recommended by botanists, since these professionals know what plants should be grown in what conditions and in what period of the year.

However, a different approach to choosing the sorts of plants that should be grown in a backyard garden can be found in the gardens of once-beginners and now already experienced garden-owners. Thanks to their love and care for plants, they experiment with different plants, flowers and shrubs to make a perfect match and combination when it comes to a perfect garden. When it comes to flowers, they mostly recommend perennials, since when you rely on the durability of flowers, you can also make a large-scale plan when it comes to the whole garden. On the other side, annual plants should also be considered, since they could be used as great variations on the main theme of the garden.

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How keep it when in deep sleep

Even when you manage to make a perfect garden, which differs from the Garden of Eden only by the lack of a snake, the question is how to keep it in order during the dead season¸ i.e. winter. Since you have put so much effort into nurturing and taking care of the garden and you have started telling everybody how wonderful and interesting your garden are (like dog-owners about their dogs), it would be a shame that you let it rot and freeze during the winter months. In order to impose restrictions on the frost, you should more than anything else keep the lawn. Annual plants have already given their lives at the end of their year of life and perennials have been sheltered by nature and its protection techniques. The part that really is in great danger is the lawn and the grass that you have so meticulously shaped and nourished.

So, to make the lawn survive winter with as little damage as possible, you have to cover it with mulch. It is usually made of organic features, such as fallen leaves, shredded wood, straw or parts of tree bark. This mixture is spread all over the garden, wherever grass grows and serves as a special organic quilt which protects the underlying structure of the lawn from frost and other unfavorable weather conditions.

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Maintaining a garden means investing time, money and love. But the truth is that nature always gives back more energy than you have invested in it. That is why many people turn to gardens and create divine gardens which make them proud of their work and skills.

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