Veg-Tastic Reasons It’s Time To Start Growing Your Own Food


We are currently in the midst of an organic revolution. Organic food has never been more popular, and now more and more people are interested in turning to an organic diet as many studies claim that it will help us to boost our immune system and be healthier. And what better way to go organic than by starting to grow your own food? When you grow your own, you will know that all your fruit and veg is completely organic. But that’s not the reason why you need to start growing food. Here are some even more compelling reasons.


It’s Cheap


The most obvious reason is that it is very cheap. After all, you won’t need to buy any more fruit and vegetables when you go and do your weekly shop at the supermarket. Getting started in the garden can be slightly expensive, as you will need to invest in some good quality gardening tools, seeds, and bulbs. However, once things start growing, you won’t have to spend quite as much cash to take care of all your veggies. To help keep your costs down, you should source your fruit bushes and seeds from specialist nurseries.


Better Flavor

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There is simply nothing better than biting into a fresh apple that you have grown yourself or tucking into a dish of your very own homegrown potatoes! You will find that all the hard work that goes into growing your own food will help your bounty to taste a lot fresher and flavorsome than the fruit and vegetables that you buy in the garden. If you get your kids involved in all this gardening, they will be very excited about eating their own food too. You may even help them end their fussy eating phase!


Lots Of Variety


Once you start growing your own fruit and vegetables, you will start to realize that there is actually a lot more varieties compared to those offered in the supermarket. The supermarkets only sell the types of fruit and veg that are the cheapest for them to buy and make a profit on. However, if you start looking through all the different seeds on offer in your local garden store, you will notice that there are hundreds of different varieties for you to grow. You may discover your favorite vegetable! For a taster of all the different varieties out there, just look at how many different types of tomato there is:


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Outdoor Exercise


Once you start creating your own veg patch, you might be very surprised to notice just how much of a workout all the garden work is! Most gardeners are in shape as the hobby involves a lot of outdoor exercise. You may not be burning as many calories as when you go for a run, but it is certainly a better activity compared to sitting in front of the TV all day!
Enjoy your new gardening hobby!

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