Does Your Vehicle Pass The Test? 7 Child Safety Measures You Must Consider

Whenever we take our kids on a road trip, we do what it takes to keep them safe. Or at least, we think we do. However, there are a lot of safety measures that you need to consider, and sometimes, they slip parents’ minds. So, we’re here to refresh your memory. Here are some things you need to think about


Car Seat

Children of a young age must be seated in a car seat when going on their travels. It isn’t as simple as buying the cheapest car seat out there and hoping for the best, however. You’ve got to buy something that not only protects them but is equipped for their height. If you’ve already got a car seat, be sure to check it on a periodic basis for any damage. You don’t want to find yourself in an emergency situation in which the seat won’t do its job properly.


Obviously, everyone in the car needs to wear a seatbelt. This needs to be taken into consideration when buying your car seat. Without the right type of seat, seat belts won’t provide the necessary protection. Make sure it’s buckled up at all times, and teach your child how to strap themselves in. It’s imperative that you communicate how important the seatbelt is to your children as they grow up. You can’t afford for them to neglect their safety by unbuckling.


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Car Tyres

Keeping your kids safe in the vehicle isn’t all about the way they sit, of course! You’ve got a duty to make sure that the vehicle is fit for purpose before travelling anywhere. This is a necessary requirement whether you’ve got kids in the car or not, but even more important when they’re present! In terms of your tyres, regularly check tread depth and air inflation levels. If they need to be changed, do it. Whether it’s Mercedes C Class tyres or Landrover Discovery tyres, make sure you go for quality.


Your Driving

I’m not going to argue with you if you used to flirt with a boy-racer or girl-racer phase when you were younger. That behaviour has to stop now, though, especially as you’ve got children in the car. In general, you’ll probably find that your driving style will relax due to the presence of kids. The best advice I can give in this situation is to simply take your time. Don’t stress too much, and certainly, don’t take any needless risks. It’s not just your health that’s at stake; it’s theirs as well.


Sit Them In The Back Seat

You might not know this, but it’s legal to seat your children in the front seat of your car. However, how many times have you seen this practice being put into action? I can’t say I’ve ever seen it on our roads. In the event of a crash, you don’t want to even allow the possibility of your child hitting the windscreen. Instead, place them in the back seat. If you want to, you can even buy rear facing car seats, claiming to provide extra protection in a crash scenario. I’ll leave that consideration up to you.


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Going back to the theme of making your vehicle fit for purpose, generic maintenance must always be carried out. Once again, this is to protect everyone in your car; not just the kids! Basic car maintenance is absurdly easy to do, yet many neglect it. You must always ensure that you’ve got enough oil in the car — a lack of oil can lead to all sorts of issues. Not only will this put you all at risk, but your finances will take a huge hit as a result, too. Similar considerations must go for the coolant levels, washer fluid levels and more.


Door Lock Mechanism

If there’s one thing children love to do, it’s mess with things. They like to kick chairs, fight each other and worst of all, press buttons. Unfortunately, right next to them, there are buttons that control the door. If those door lock mechanisms aren’t programmed or in the correct working order, it’s a travesty waiting to happen. Firstly, you must ensure that the locks can be controlled by you, and not them. Secondly, communicate the dangers that pressing them can lead to, and make sure they take in that information.
So, does your vehicle pass the test? Go over these seven tips and make sure you’ve accounted for every single one of them. They’re all easy to solve if any issues present themselves, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your children are protected.

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