Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

A well-known fact is that no matter how many items of clothing you seem to have, it may sometimes occur to you that you have literally nothing to wear. Although to men this may seem to be a bit paradoxical, there is probably no woman out there who hasn’t experienced this problem. It is not just about having something to wear, it is about having something to wear for the right opportunity and since there is no chance whatsoever that you can ever have in your closet absolutely everything that you need, there are some things that you simply must possess in your wardrobe. The best course of action would, therefore, be to consider these essentials as your own.

Quality, versatile, evergreen wardrobe

If, as was already said, we aim towards creating a perfect, yet quite limited numerically, wardrobe, the quality is the key and not quantity. Since the investment of this kind is an investment in yourself, there should be no price limitation, within the reason of course. The next thing on the list is the fact that the more versatile your wardrobe is the better. This will allow you to express your creativity and innovativeness by combining and adjusting the items of clothing already in your possession and enable you to create a brand new look from your already old wardrobe.

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In the end, it is important that you pick items of clothing that are there to stay. What this means is that you never know what will be in in a week, month or a year, still, there are some solutions that have so far proven to be evergreen. Keep this in mind when equipping your wardrobe and you will be well on your way, to design and create a wardrobe that you have always dreamed of, that keeps you feeling young. You really cannot put a price tag on a dream.

A pair of jeans

A pair of jeans

To complement the last section this is as versatile and evergreen as it gets. A simple pair of jeans, a notion that represents one of the most popular clothing items of the last 50 years, can easily be combined with anything else you own. Perfect for almost any casual occasion, but not only casual, but a pair of jeans is also simply a must of any wardrobe. These jeans are just a thing for you to wear, in order to point out your figure, even on days when you don’t care how you look.

Sexy, sophisticated dress

Little black dressThis is something that you bought for you and you alone, your secret weapon the pride of your collection. Usually a little black dress, not a piece of clothing but an institution, the timeless LBD. Meant to fit you like a glove, this is something that you take out only on most special occasions. The effect of everyone in the room, when they see you in it will testify of just how much truth there was in the previous sentence.

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Your jewelry, your shoes, and your lingerie

JewelryA holy trinity that can make and unmake any woman’s self-confidence. If the shoe fits you have to wear it, says the popular proverb, so you should do just that. Choose shoes that fit you best both stylistically, and emotionally, there is nothing quite like a relationship between a girl and her favorite pair of shoes.

Chose the jewelry that will match your personality best, regardless of is it an engagement ring, a stylish pair of earrings or a pearl necklace. Here you almost can’t go wrong, just follow your heart. And last but not least your sexiest lingerie. Even in the combinations that don’t reveal even an inch of it, just knowing that you have them on you can drastically influence your confidence in a positive way.

In order to create a wardrobe of your dreams, it is not important to follow quantity as much as quality. Think and rethink what are the things without which you simply cannot imagine your wardrobe, what you would even take on a desert island with you, and pay special attention while choosing it. Enjoy!

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