Warning Signs: Minor Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

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We all know that there are certain symptoms that we should never ignore under any circumstance: loss of sight, numbness, etc. But let’s be honest, how many of us would ever think to ignore something so serious in the first place? Warning people not to ignore sudden blindness seems obvious to the point of being redundant! But what about the other symptoms, the ones that you might generally miss? Or even if you do notice them, the kinds of symptoms that you might write off as nothing? Far too often people write off small symptoms because they assume that they’re not going to be a big deal. The problem there is that small symptoms can be the sign of a big problem. So here are a few symptoms that you should definitely never ignore.


Weight loss



Now if you’re trying to lose weight then that’s one thing. But the moment you run into an issue is when you’re not trying to lose weight, but it’s still happening. A lot of people might be happy to shed a few pounds, but unexplained weight loss is one of those things that should never be ignored. Whether it’s a hormonal issue or something more serious, you should always consult a doctor if you find yourself losing weight very quickly without being able to explain why.


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An unexplained lump


Far too few people are regularly checking their body for new lumps. Checking yourself regularly can be the best way to spot the warning signs of a potentially serious condition. Even if they do come across something, many people ignore it out of the fear of what it could mean. Whatever the lump ends up being, knowing what it is will always be better than ignoring it. At least if you know, you can figure out how to deal with it. If the lump is in a particularly private area, then you can always talk to a doctor online to avoid any potential embarrassment.




Most of us just write off headaches as something that happens now and then. Stress and tension headaches are the most common and are usually just a sign that you need to take a break and relax. But if you find yourself getting sudden, intense headaches out of nowhere then that could be a sign of something more serious, and you should definitely speak to a medical professional about it as quickly as possible.


You’re not very “regular.”


Feeling constipated is pretty common and isn’t usually a sign that something’s particularly wrong, but if it seems to last for a long period, more than two weeks, then you probably want to get it checked out, the same goes for diarrhea. You should also potentially be concerned if your bowel movements are often accompanied but severe abdominal pain.
A lot of these things could well end up being nothing. But it’s important to get it confirmed if that’s the case. That way, at least you have peace of mind.

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