5 Ways To Help Your Chronic Pain

man holding knee with chronic pain

Whether it’s your back, neck, hips, or legs chronic pain can make the day to day hard to bear. It can feel like all you’re thinking about is your pain and how difficult it is to have a “normal” life.

And sadly there is no one size fits all solution to most chronic pain, because if there are, most people would have used it by now, but there are some ways to help it little by little.

Here are five ways to help your chronic pain today and make living with that pain a little more bearable day by day.

Ask For Help

Living with constant pain can make you feel isolated and alone, especially because you may not feel like the person you used to be especially if you aren’t able to enjoy the same activities as you did before the pain started.

Whether that’s actually the case or not something to help you not feel so alone in your pain is to seek out help and comfort from the people around you, whether that’s family, friends or a support group.

No matter how bad the pain is you are never alone and there are people who want to help even in small ways.

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Practice Meditation

You might be chuckling at this one because meditation is associated with relaxation, and that can be a very difficult thing to do when you are in constant pain.

But the thing about pain is the more stressed and therefore tense you are, the more painful your chronic pain is likely to be.

Try exercise like deep breathing and meditation to help refocus your energy and again although it won’t take away the pain, it could help to manage the stress associated with it which could, in turn, alleviate some of that pain.

Try Some Supplements

It may seem like you are already overwhelmed with the number of medications you have to take for your pain and it may also seem like most of them don’t really work.

Even if you feel this way it can be helpful to try natural supplements and vitamins to help ease some of your chronic pain.

There are many out there that have proven benefits without the nasty side effects of prescription pain medicine.

Talk to your doctor or naturopath to see which ones would be the best for you and your situation.

Take Control

It may seem like it’s your chronic pain running the show. But, you are actually the one who decides how to live your life.

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If you have days where you can’t even get out of bed, that’s ok! On the days when you feel a little better seize that opportunity to get up and live your life.

Try going outside, visiting a friend, or even just taking yourself to the movies. Taking even small parts of your life back from chronic pain will make you feel a lot better. Plus, you can show your pain who’s boss.

Work With Your Doctor

Your doctor wants to help you and it’s good to let them be your advocate.

Talk to them about your pain and discuss different options and techniques. Many doctors, such as Summit Orthopaedics, even have pain management specialties. They also have treatments that can be discussed to determine which are the best for a specific type of pain.

If you find something you want to try then ask them about it and see what they think. By having your doctor as a teammate you can feel you have someone on your side and who wants to ease this pain.

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