Ways to Create a Backyard Getaway


One of the great things about owning a house is that you get to enjoy your backyard. However, maintaining a good vibe (and décor!) of your outdoor space is far more time-consuming and heavy than it may seem. Still, every second of your effort invested in it looking stunning is worth it. Leave it to you to see whether you’ll be using your wonderful outdoor space to throw parties, for chill gatherings with your family and friends or just use it as an oasis of peace when you want to run away from the world and take a breather.

Even though it may seem like a huge investment and a real kicker (time-wise), fixing up your yard doesn’t really need to be that hard. Here are some ideas that may give you an idea of what to do to turn your backyard into a wonderful space.

Ways to Create a Backyard Getaway
Green your way into happiness

With the hectic lifestyles we lead, it gets difficult to commit to making the lawn always look perfect, the grass green and freshly cut all the times and the overall greenery properly maintained. However, a yard with no greens in no yard. The trick to keeping your outdoor green is to opt for options that will save you time on upkeep. So, instead of turf-grass opt for foot-friendly ground covers. To add a bit of drama to your yard, throw low-care perennials and shrubs in the mix! They’ll look wonderful!

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Also, planting trees is the wisest thing you can do for your yard. Trees not only look wonderful and are not only easily maintained, but they also provide shade and set a certain aesthetic to the yard.

Build outdoor rooms

Nothing is as chic as outdoor rooms featured in your back yard. A backyard terrace, a dining area, a patch of gravel, dry-laid patio, a covered patio or an above-grade deck:  depending on how fancy you want to get, this space will absolutely change the look of your yard. Decorate exotically, with baldachins and exotic plants and seating, or theme it up after your favorite destination. Each time you go out you’ll have your little piece of heaven right there and then.

Build an outdoor kitchen or fire pit

If your budget allows it, investing in building an outdoor kitchen will not only add value to your home (in case you someday decide to sell) but will also make for a wonderful outdoor experience. Inviting your friends and family for a barbeque (or any other serving) during hot summer days, while you all chill and enjoy your time is one of those moments in life when you can truly enjoy. With an outdoor kitchen you’ll be able to actually prepare food while talking with your favorite people!

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Install brick paths

Not that you are expecting Dorothy to come to visit any time soon, but brick paths will give your outdoor space such a whimsical sense about it! If you are not a fan of brick, opt for stone or such similar materials that aren’t as expensive but are long-lasting and look spectacular. Further, have a driveway sealer built in as it will make your life so much easier and your house looking super attractive!

Invest in lightning

Lightning is known to have the power to either make or break the space. We’d recommend installing lighting that will be subtle yet light enough that you can actually see what’s going on in the yard. Installing dimmer switches is the coolest thing ever as it gives you the chance to turn on the romantic mood whenever you like. For a more dreamy effect, hanging Christmas lights around your yard may just do the trick!

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