4 Ways To Maintain Your Powerstroke Engine

powerstroke truck

You love your Ford Truck and especially the engine inside of it.

Diesel engines have many benefits, including less maintenance than most gasoline engines, but all engines need to be well-maintained for the longevity and quality performance.

The Powerstroke engine is no different, and no matter what model you have, it is important to know the things you can personally do at home to keep the engine in tip-top shape.  

Through proper maintenance and care your Powerstroke engine could be running for years, even outrunning some of the other types of power engines that are out there.

Here are four ways you can maintain your engine and keep it powering through all the things you need it to do.

Consult the manual

Believe it or not, but your manual can have some of the best tips and advice on how to make sure your engine is running smoothly. It can help you identify any potential problems and show you how to prevent them.

If for some reason you have misplaced your manual or it is not as specific as you need it to be, there are a couple resources that could help you out with the maintenance and how to’s.

The first is the car dealership that you purchased your car from, because they probably have a parts department who would have a copy of the service manual for your vehicle and the engine. Another great resource for those service manuals is a bookstore or library.

The benefit of visiting the dealership as well is that while you are there you can look at the service manual, and if there are parts you don’t understand or don’t know where to look you can ask for assistance.

Use quality materials

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the higher the quality of materials you use inside your Powerstroke engine the better performance and longevity it will have in the end.

For example, using synthetic engine oil rather than conventional oil is way better in the long run. Although the price is steeper, the way it helps to protect your engine in between oil changes is worth the more expensive price.

Another example is fuel additive. According to Ford, it is important to use a fuel additive that increases the cetane rating of diesel and provides additional lubrication to the fuel system.

This is because most diesel varies in quality, especially in the United States which means you don’t always know what could be going into your engine and how it will affect its performance in the long run.

Watch the coolant

One of the best ways you can help to maintain your engine and the most vital parts is by making sure to check your coolant often.

This is because over time the coolant can actually become acidic, which can lead to it rotting out other parts of the cooling system, like the radiator. That is something that no vehicle owner wants to see happen.

You should frequently get the coolant flushed and maintain a proper schedule. Make sure you get the acidity levels tested as well.

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Let professionals handle the rest

Although it is important to do as much as you can yourself for your engine, it is also important to know when it is time to have the professionals take care of it.

Neglect is bad news for a diesel engine, so follow the appropriate manufacturer’s guide to how often you should bring it in for maintenance. Even if you are using products that are supposed to lengthen the times before tune-ups, bring it in anyways. You and your engine will be grateful in the long run.

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