What You Need To Know About Pain Management

healthy pain management
Consistent pain and chronic pain are not to be taken lightly, nor should an individual suffer in silence. Pain can be a result of a prior medical issue, or it can be a warning sign of something more detrimental to follow. Pain is your body’s way of dealing with trauma. Chronic pain is your body constantly dealing with an issue that often will not get solved on its own. Pain management is an important step for those dealing with pain. Pain doctors specialize in ways to help manage pain or permanently solve the issue that was causing it. Proper education on pain management is key to being on your way to living pain free again.

Be Honest with your Doctor and Yourself

There is this stigma or popular belief that you should ‘toughen up’ and ignore your own pain, but this is untrue and can cause more harm than good. If you are suffering from any type of pain, it needs to be disclosed to your doctor. Do not brush it off and do not hide this information. Different types of pain issues can mean very different types of things to your doctor. Disclosing all information, no matter how irrelevant you feel it may be, will go a long way in helping your doctor diagnose the issue and figure out a treatment plan that will be effective. You may be referred to a pain specialist for more serious and long term types of pain. It is impossible for you to get the right treatment if you do not give a medical professional all of the information. This same rule applies after you begin treatment. Be very honest with both yourself and your doctor about post treatment status and how you are feeling. If changes need to be made or adjustments need to be done, it can only be started with the information that you provide to your doctor. If a treatment isn’t working, say something.

Know your Options

Be aware of the pain management options that are available to you. The cause of your pain and your current situation will determine what your treatment options will be. Options range from medications to surgery. Rhizotomy, for example, is a dramatic solution done with a simple approach. A needle is inserted into the problem area on in the spine. The nerve endings in this area are numbed, stopping the pain sensors from reacting. This procedure does not take long to complete and is often used after other methods have been exhausted. It may be the perfect solution for some, but it may not work well for others. A consultation with a pain specialist will inform you of all of your personal options and ways to manage or remove your pain.

Pampering Yourself

Most consider long baths and massages a pastime for a select few lucky people, however, it’s also a key way to help manage pain. A combination of holistic as well as medicinal treatments can go a long way in helping with your own pain management. Epson salt baths and massages are great ways to relax muscles and ease pain. Again, talking to your doctor is essential before trying anything for the first time.

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Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. It is a known fact that the risk of suicide is much higher in a person that suffers daily pain. Depression and overmedication are also associated risks of this “disease”. While having to live with pain may not have been a choice, knowing how to manage your pain is. Talk to the medical professionals in your area or research ones nearby. Assess your situation daily and take note of the times the pain is worse or better. Try to pinpoint anything that causes the pain to worsen. Take time for yourself to take care of yourself. Millions of Americans spend every day of their lives in pain. You are not alone. By knowing how to manage your pain you are on the path to being able to control it and hopefully permanently remove it. Whether it is hereditary, age related, cancer or disease related or post trauma related, you have options. Talk to a pain management doctor about options that are right for you.

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