What Your Shoes Do For Your Feet

shoes to protect feet

I love shoes. Sandals and boots are my favorite. My favorite part about getting dressed in the morning is deciding what pair of shoes look best with my outfit. Shoes bring me joy. Until they destroy my feet. I often wear heels and come away with blistered heels, throbbing toes, and sore feet. Shoes that hurt your feet can ruin an entire day. Some shoes, obviously, have a lot more practicality to them than others. So what do your shoes do (or not do) for you?


Purpose of Shoes:

The purpose of shoes seems pretty obvious. To protect your feet from the ground. Sharp, hazardous objects litter our sidewalks and the soles of our shoes can protect us from that. Shoes also protect us from all the germs found on the ground. They also serve as stylish and comfortable accessories. Except, honestly, shoes are normally either stylish or comfortable; finding a pair that’s both is hard to do.


Support and Comfort for Feet:

Supportive and comfortable shoes provide cushion and arch support. Many people suffer from high arches, flat feet, and other foot health issues. Arch support is important to help these kinds of issues and is used as one of the plantar fasciitis treatment options. Not all shoes have a nice cushiony sole or arch support, but you can invest in shoe inserts to give you that extra support. Orthopedic shoe inserts can be customized to fit your foot perfectly. People use these inserts for extra support, comfort, and even correcting back pain. Just because your shoes don’t have built-in inserts does not mean that you can’t slip some in anyways. Also, be sure to remember that too flat of an arch in your shoe can make a foot more susceptible to achilles tendonitis


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A Shoe for Every Occasion:

There are many different kinds of shoes. I mentioned earlier that I love sandals and boots. There are also tennis shoes, dress shoes, flip flops, heels, wedges, ankle boots, lace-ups, Crocs, and about any other type of shoe you can imagine. Look, feel, material, and purpose of shoes varies wildly. Tennis shoes are created to specifically to provide support for running. Dress shoes don’t typically provide a lot of support, and serve more for style purposes than for comfort. Most people won’t feel satisfied with a single pair of shoes, because different occasions call for different shoes. 


What Shoes are Best for Feet:

No one shoe is perfect for every occasion. But there are a few staple shoes every person should own. No matter your profession, hobbies, or lifestyle, you should probably own a pair of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes provide comfort and arch support. Everyone should also own one pair of dress shoes. Some occasions simply require a more formal style of dress and a pair of dress shoes. Be careful to choose shoes that are at least somewhat comfortable, even though they probably won’t be as comfy as your tennis shoes. 


No Shoes Good for Feet?:

Is going barefoot sometimes actually good for your health? Yes! Sometimes no shoes can actually be better than shoes. While I wouldn’t suggest walking around barefoot outside, walking around your house barefoot can have certain health benefits. Walking barefoot can improve balance and foot mechanics. Giving your feet a break from shoes can help give your feet relief from extra stress on the toes and heels.

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