Why You’re Making Moving Day Harder Than It Needs To Be

moving day

If the all important moving day is coming up for you, you might be wondering how you’re going to get through it without wanting to pull your hair out. Sure, some things about moving day can be really stressful. However, you’re probably making moving day much harder than it needs to be. Here’s why…

You’re Keeping Kids/Pets Around


Think you can have a stress free moving day with pets under your feet and kids making a mess? Wrong! As much as we love our kids and our pets, getting them out of the way for moving day is a very sensible idea. If you can find somebody to sit them, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important. You won’t have to console kids or reassure them for the 100th time. You won’t need to make sure Fluffy doesn’t bite anybody as you put them in a secure cage for moving. Find somebody you trust to take care of them and you can make the whole day so much easier! You can also focus on making your kids rooms nice for them when you get there too, so they don’t feel too traumatized by this move.


You’re Trying To Do It All Yourself


If you want to save a bit of money, you might be thinking of trying to do everything yourself. This is an unrealistic idea. Even if you have a large van or you’ve been able to borrow a vehicle from somebody, you’re going to have difficulty getting it to your new location in one piece. It makes so much more sense to leave it to the professionals. It’ll cost a little more, but moving day will be much easier, and you can feel confident that your things will show up just as they left you. If you want to know more about finding a company to help you, you can see Town and Country Movers for details of what to expect. Just make sure you read reviews and make sure a moving company is legit before you decide to use them. People have had their things not turn up before because they used a bogus company!


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You Haven’t Started Packing Up In Advance


It’s crucial that you give yourselves plenty of time to pack up in advance. The sooner you can start taking different rooms apart and putting them into boxes, the better. This gives you lots of time to do what you need to do, and even decide what to do with items that you may not want to take with you. You’ll also have lots of time to double and triple check empty rooms. This is where so many people who are moving go wrong, as they don’t bother to check rooms again for anything they’ve left behind!


You Haven’t Packed Up In A Way That Makes Sense


Packing up in a way that makes sense will help to keep you sane. Think about what you’re going to need when you arrive at your new place. Lots of people like to make ‘emergency kits’ to use, just incase they need something urgently. Pack up room by room, so you have boxes that go in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms etc. It’ll be so much easier to pack and unpack this way! Another quick tip: double check boxes before you start throwing things in there. Make sure they’re strong and the bottom isn’t going to fall through after you’ve just placed your most valuable possessions inside!


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You Aren’t Using Clever Hacks To Take Your Stuff To Your New Location


There are so many clever hacks you can use that will help you get your stuff to your new location without having to mess about with it too much. If you have cabinets and things, instead of taking them apart and taking the things out of the draws, why not use a cellophane type material to wrap them up? This will stop doors and drawers from falling as you travel, and your belongings won’t fall out of the units either. Then you can just unwrap them and place them where you want them to go when you get to your new place!


You Haven’t Labeled Things


Labelling will save you a lot of time in the long run, although it might seem tedious at the time. Write the room on each box, along with the different items inside the box. It isn’t a waste of time. You’ll know exactly where everything is when you arrive at your new place, so you’ll be able to grab something at the drop of a hat. You won’t get stressed out wondering where on earth something is, because your labels will tell you everything you need to know. You’ll thank yourself for doing this later on.


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You’re Folding Up Your Clothes


Did you really think folding up all of your clothes was a good idea? They’re probably still going to get creased up and need ironing when you arrive at your new place if you do this. Instead, invest in some wardrobe boxes. You can hang your clothes in these and they will be ready to hang when you get to your new place. No creases, nothing!


You’re Not Focusing On The Heavy Stuff


Instead of faffing around with smaller items when you arrive, focus on the heavier items. Set up the beds, and any other heavy items that will need taking care of. At least you have a place to sleep if nothing else gets done. Other things can be set up and moved later on!


See? You probably are making moving day seem harder than it needs to be. Just relax. The more stressed you feel on the day, the more you’re probably going to get things wrong and forget important things. Make a list if that helps you to get everything out of your head. You should be excited to move into your new place, so start feeling like that as you move instead. Good luck in your new place!

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